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The Talent Blueprint: Unpacking Diversity with Dr. Luke Fletcher

This episode features an interview with Dr. Luke Fletcher, Associate Professor in Human Resource Management at Bath School of Management. As both a researcher and academic, Luke’s interests span both organizational psychology and human resource management, and include topics such as meaningful work, employee engagement, talent management, and diversity and inclusion. 

On today’s episode, Luke discusses how companies should approach DE&I, his mission to reduce inequality, and what narcissism has to do with talent management.

“Progress is an interesting word because I think a lot of the talk around diversity and inclusion, it’s all about developing a business case. And although that’s really good, there’s also a moral and ethical imperative with some of this.”

— Dr Luke Fletcher

[1:49] Luke’s background and research areas
[4:10] Finding a sense of meaning in allyship and broad inclusion
[6:19] Next-up projects: micro-incivilities and LinkedIn social activism
[8:40] How companies should think about success and progress with DE&I 
[11:29] The right foundations for diversity measurements and benchmarks
[14:22] Re-approaching the way we evaluate our employees
[16:57] A study in narcissism: personality differences in the workplace 
[20:01] Dr. Luke’s passion for LGBT+  inclusion and reducing inequality
[21:43] What success should look like: taking a step back from benchmarking
[23:22] Why HR and TA leaders need to prioritize data
[26:14] How organizations might think about “job crafting” and skills data
[29:34] Emerging trends on skills-based career pathing
[33:42] A more ethical and moral future

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