Build A Skills-Based Organization

Build A Skills-Based Organization

Discover one AI-powered talent platform to hire candidates faster, develop the skills of your workforce, and increase employee retention.

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Deeply understand the skills your workforce has today – and what you’ll need tomorrow. Fill skills gaps by recruiting better-fit talent, developing employees, or redeploying people to critical projects.

AI-Powered Talent Lifecycle Management Platform

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Talent Acquisition

Hire for potential

Easily identify, engage and hire talent with the right skills and potential, to speed up hiring cycles and reduce costs.

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Talent transformation that delivers results

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30% reduction in time-to-hire

Embrace skills-based hiring to improve efficiency, and attract the talent and critical capabilities you need. Manage your entire recruiting journey – from sourcing to hiring – in one place.

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2.5x improved retention

Mobilize and upskill your internal talent. Help people to identify and apply for roles across the organization, and improve employee engagement, retention and development.

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3x increase in diverse talent

Create a more inclusive workforce. Offer a personalized candidate experience, provide tailored mentorship & development opportunities at scale, and catch potential bias before it occurs.

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20% reduction in recruiting costs

Build more agile workforce plans that adapt based on changing business requirements and priorities. Rely on continuous, real-time skills insights to lower costs and increase business agility.

The Beamery difference

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We strengthen the value of your HR ecosystem, unifying your workflows, and skills and talent data.

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Flexible to your needs, we meet you where you are on your transformation journey.

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We maximize adoption and ROI, with bespoke, AI-guided experiences for every user.

Total Economic Impact™ of Beamery Talent Lifecycle Management

In 2023, Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study, commissioned by Beamery, providing evidence that Beamery delivered 467% ROI for its customers – plus efficiency gains, improved quality of hire, and better experiences for candidates, recruiters and sourcers.

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Trusted by the world’s largest organizations

Case Study - Zalando

Creating A High-Quality Talent Pipeline With 6,000 New Contacts In 6 Months

Customers - VMware

Increasing Diversity Of Talent Community By 2x

DraftKings Case Study

Engaging 33,000+ Net New Candidates With Powerful Campaigns


Avoid HR Tech Implementation Disaster: Look After Your Talent Data First

Avoid HR Tech Implementation Disaster: Look After Your Talent Data First

Every talent technology tool relies on complete, consistent and normalized talent-related data. Overlook this crucial component of implementation at your peril.

5 Steps To Implementing Skills-Based Hiring

5 Steps To Implementing Skills-Based Hiring

How do you actually bring skills-based hiring to life? This checklist outlines practical steps organizations can take to move towards a skills-centric talent acquisition model.

What Is A Skills Taxonomy, And How Do I Create One?

What Is A Skills Taxonomy, And How Do I Create One?

Better talent management and resource allocation – as well as skills-based transformation – relies on better understanding and categorizing skills. But how do you make and use a skills taxonomy?

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