About Beamery

    Creating the future of work

    At Beamery, we believe that there is a better way for companies to connect with future employees. A way that is deeply rooted in relationship building, and mirrors the sophistication with which companies market their products, build communities and develop brand followings. We’re passionate about helping the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies transform their talent operations, team and processes. Together, we’re on a mission to create the future of work - a future where companies build deeper connections with candidates, where they create phenomenal talent experiences, and where they hire the people that will ultimately make their business a success.

    Our values

    We didn’t just write our values on the wall when we started the company. A company’s culture is defined by its people, not just its founding team - and we continuously ask our people what has made Beamery the place where they have been able to do the best work of their careers. We have found that there are 4 key pillars that make our people and customers successful, and underpin our culture.

    Benefit block icon Curiosity

    We’re a team that always tries to understand the “why”. We’re a collective of lifelong learners, always looking to improve ourselves and to help each other grow.

    Benefit block icon Ownership

    We’re all owners of Beamery culture and each Beamteamer’s work plays an integral part of our company’s success. Everyone’s work moves the needle.

    Benefit block icon Communication

    Great communication comes in many forms and doesn’t always need to be verbal, but it must be concise, timely, empathetic, and respectful.

    Benefit block icon Authenticity

    We want everyone to feel comfortable bringing their whole, authentic selves to work. If you need help, ask. If someone asks for help, it’s our duty to step up to the plate.

    Where it all began

    Beamery was founded in 2013 by brothers and friends Abakar, Sultan and Mike as a garage project whilst working in finance. Having started their careers during a recession, they were on the front lines when companies were going through one of the hardest times to hire, and when people were unable to find jobs. This system - one that relies on job applications , resumes, and agencies to determine where people work - was clearly broken. We realised in 2013 that it could be fixed - that companies could treat candidates like customers - but that it would take a new type of technology and category to change this paradigm. The first Talent Operating System, Beamery, was born. Over the ensuing 7 years we have had the privilege to partner with many of the worlds greatest companies to transform their approach to talent. We have enabled some of the worlds largest recruiting organizations to become more proactive - to find and nurture candidates that were not actively applying for jobs. And in doing so, we have helped companies connect with millions of people at the right time, with the right opportunities.

    We're backed by the best

    Where we are

    If there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s that at Beamery, you will work with some of the smartest people you’ll find. You will also join a diverse bunch, our team speaks over 20 languages. We have 3 main hubs in London, San Francisco and Austin, with satellite offices spread over a dozen countries. We support great causes through our Beamery for Good program, and regularly organise team events and offsites to bring everyone together.

    Covid-19 Update

    At the moment, of course, you won’t find any of us in our offices—we’ve gone fully remote, and all our team events are now online. That said, we’re all still here, still working, and still hiring. Our commitment to building a better future of work means that challenges like the Coronavirus can’t shut us down. We do our best work so our customers can do their best work, supporting the people that work for them and who depend upon them. It’s one of the ways that we believe that Beamery is a great place to work, even when we aren’t in the same place.

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