Say Hello To The Skills Economy.

Say Hello To The Skills Economy.

The world of work is changing, quickly. Discover the power of skills-based transformation.

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Today, the supply and demand of skills are unbalanced. Organizations are faced with growing skills gaps, higher costs to hiring and retaining talent. 

This New Paradigm For Talent Needs A New Approach.

Without real-time data around the skills they have and the skills they need, businesses waste time, effort and money on the wrong recruits, lengthy hiring cycles, and workforce plans that go out of date almost as soon as they are designed.

They are also facing high attrition, and low engagement and productivity.


of workers’ skills will be disrupted in the next five years.

4 million

more job openings exist than available workers in the US – or 1.7 jobs for each jobseeker.


of business leaders say “skills shortages” is one of their biggest talent challenges.

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What is Skills-Based Transformation?

Skills-Based Transformation is an enterprise-wide shift to plan, and recruit, redeploy, retain and re-skill talent based on common language around skills.

It means understanding and developing the skills of the workforce, and being able to connect talent to opportunities based on skills, on an ongoing basis.

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What Are The Benefits Of Skills-Based Transformation?

What Are The Key Enablers Of Skills-Based Transformation?

Stop Thinking About Talent As A Fixed Asset

Develop and redeploy talent where it’s needed most. The ability to move workers into short-term gigs and projects that fill critical business needs, or offer up permanent roles that are a great fit for their skills and interests.

Make The Cultural Shift From ‘Jobs’ to ‘Skills’

Jobs are deconstructed into their underlying tasks, and those tasks can be matched to different individuals’ skills. Managers are incentivized to connect people with opportunities and break down silos.

Build A Foundation Of Dynamic Skills Data

There is a single source of truth when it comes to skills data. Get real-time data on the skills you have – and what you need – to inform hiring, redeployment and development strategies, and to build a skills-first culture.

Create Seamless Digital Experience For Managers, Employees & Candidates

Employees are empowered to own their career journeys, and freed up to do more fulfilling work. Leaders can make smarter talent decisions with access to dynamic insights within the flow of work. Discover how to develop the team’s skills portfolio, when to hire and when it’s faster to source internally, upskill workers, or open a short-term project. 

Skills-Based Organisations Are

Campaign - Skills Based Transformation - Grow - 98% more likely to have a reputation as a place to grow and develop. (Deloitte)

98% more likely to have a reputation as a place to grow and develop.

Learn more about skills

Campaign - Skills Based Transformation - Rocket - 98% more likely to retain high performers. (Deloitte)

98% more likely to retain high performers.

Campaign - Skills Based Transformation - 107% more likely to place talent effectively.  (Deloitte)

107% more likely to place talent effectively.

Get Started With Your Skills Journey

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Skills 101 Course

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Webinar Series for a Deeper Dive

Explore skills-based strategies in action

See skills data in action and learn more about the tools, technologies, and strategies that power skills-based transformation.

Curated 5 podcast playlist

How are HR leaders embracing skills?

Hear from other HR leaders about how they are tackling skills transformation and other talent challenges in this curated playlist from The Blueprint.

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Explore AI-Powered Talent Lifecycle Management and become a skills-first organization today.

  • Identify, recruit, develop, retain and redeploy talent with ease

  • Reduce time-to-fill by 30% and increase tenure by 2.5x

  • Customers see a 3-year ROI of 467%