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ROI Calculator

Explore your potential return on investment (ROI) of building a skills-based organization. Hire candidates faster, develop the skills of your workforce, and increase employee retention with Beamery.

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How much could you save?

Input your details and find out how much you could save in becoming a skills-based organization.

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Optimize talent planning

Get a clear picture of the skills in your organization so you can make more informed, data-led workforce decisions. With advanced, real-time workforce intelligence, understand the skills you have today and what you’ll need to plan for the future - ensuring you hire and retain the right skills at the right price.

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Accelerate time to fill

Transform your recruiters into strategic business advisors where they can quickly and easily surface the right talent faster. Enrich your internal skills data with external industry insights, such as emerging or declining skill sets, to enable data-driven decision making within the flow of work - allowing you to tailor your sourcing strategies for maximum effectiveness.

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Reduce attrition

Retain key employees and ensure vital skills and knowledge stay within the company. Beamery helps you create a personalized career experience for your employees that gives them a view of alternative opportunities within your organization and helps them understand where their skills fit and where they can develop new skills - motivating them to stay longer and perform better.

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“Salesforce chose Beamery for a number of reasons. It is a Workday partner…and it was critical that we implement something that was going to be connected and integrated within our existing processes and more seamless from an implementation standpoint.”

SVP Head of Global Compensation

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 “We selected Beamery as an innovative and future-focused partner. As the only certified CRM partner for Workday, Beamery has demonstrated they have a highly credible product today, as well as a roadmap for the future.”

VP Talent Acquisition

Talent transformation that delivers results

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30% reduction in time-to-hire

Embrace skills-based hiring to improve efficiency, and attract the talent and critical capabilities you need. Manage your entire recruiting journey – from sourcing to hiring – in one place.

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2.5x improved retention

Mobilize and upskill your internal talent. Help people to identify and apply for roles across the organization, and improve employee engagement, retention and development.

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3x increase in diverse talent

Create a more inclusive workforce. Offer a personalized candidate experience, provide tailored mentorship & development opportunities at scale, and catch potential bias before it occurs.

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20% reduction in recruiting costs

Build more agile workforce plans that adapt based on changing business requirements and priorities. Rely on continuous, real-time skills insights to lower costs and increase business agility.

Total Economic Impact™ of Beamery Talent Lifecycle Management

In 2023, Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study, commissioned by Beamery, providing evidence that Beamery delivered 467% ROI for its customers – plus efficiency gains, improved quality of hire, and better experiences for candidates, recruiters and sourcers.

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Trusted by the world’s largest organizations

Case Study - Zalando

Creating A High-Quality Talent Pipeline With 6,000 New Contacts In 6 Months

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Increasing Diversity Of Talent Community By 2x

DraftKings Case Study

Engaging 33,000+ Net New Candidates With Powerful Campaigns

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Explore AI-Powered Talent Lifecycle Management and become a skills-first organization today.

  • Identify, recruit, develop, retain and redeploy talent with ease

  • Reduce time-to-fill by 30% and increase tenure by 2.5x

  • Customers see a 3-year ROI of 467%