For the first time, leverage generative AI to deliver personalized experiences for managers, recruiters, candidates, and employees.


TalentGPT is an AI assistant powered by Beamery’s proprietary models, which offers personalized, conversational experiences for managers, HR, employees and candidates, and enables better decisions throughout the talent lifecycle.

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2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards
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WEF Guidance on Responsible Generative AI

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Get AI insights in the flow of work

TalentGPT assists users in the flow of work, nudging users when ‘you should open a new role’ or ‘speak to a mentor’ inside tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack. These new ‘embedded’ AI capabilities will help companies to create fairer, skills-centric talent decisions and experiences.

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Supercharge your talent team

Help your team simplify complex and manual tasks. Use Beamery’s AI assistant to easily match talent to opportunities based on skills, create highly relevant job descriptions, engage with candidates at the perfect time, and retain top performers thanks to a better understanding of their skills and aspirations.  

Create an experience that adapts to every candidate 

Give candidates a conversational interface to help them better understand their career goals, explore potential jobs that match their skills, and learn more about your company.

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Unlock continuous Workforce Planning 

Help managers decide whether to tackle a skills gap through internal talent development or by recruiting externally, and provide real-time insights into likely costs, the best locations to hire from, and estimated time-to-fill, to improve decision making.

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Make better talent-related decisions

Empower busy managers by showing them key insights around talent and skills, in the flow of their work. Help them make more agile decisions on job design, upskilling, and workforce planning – more easily than ever.

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Ensure compliance and reduce bias

Unlike other Large Language Models (like ChatGPT), our technology relies on Beamery’s explainable AI, to provide unbiased and contextual insights and recommendations. We are proud to be the first HR Tech company to receive a third-party AI audit.

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AI is very powerful and can help find profiles we wouldn’t have normally found through generic sourcing. It also helps meet DE&I targets, especially with candidates that are very hard to find normally…

Laurabel Jung
Talent relationship manager, Zalando

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What Is Skills Intelligence, And Why Does It Matter?

What Is Skills Intelligence, And Why Does It Matter?

Skills Intelligence is at the heart of a skills-based approach. Discover what it means, and why it delivers a competitive advantage.

Skills-Based Hiring: Crawl, Walk, Run

Skills-Based Hiring: Crawl, Walk, Run

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Avoid HR Tech Implementation Disaster: Look After Your Talent Data First

Avoid HR Tech Implementation Disaster: Look After Your Talent Data First

Every talent technology tool relies on complete, consistent and normalized talent-related data. Overlook this crucial component of implementation at your peril.

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