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How Can You Rethink L&D To Prevent Future Talent Gaps? With Tami Wolownik, Siemens Mobility

Listen to Tami Wolownik, Head of People and Organization, North America at Siemens Mobility, in discussion with Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President at Beamery.

Tami started as an HR principal with the company in 2004, and has since worked with many different Siemens entities. She landed with Siemens Mobility in 2017, when she assumed the position of progressive responsibility and began her current role as Head of People and Organization for North America. Previous to joining Siemens, Tami worked as a Director of Human Resources and a Director of Customer Service in the printing industry.

During this episode, Tami discusses Siemens Mobility’s focus on mental health in the workplace, attracting talent by making a sustainable global impact, and how upskilling existing employees can prevent future talent and skills gaps.

“We truly do believe that resilience and relevance for the future is critical, because I honestly believe that the roles we have now are not the roles we’re going to have in the future.And as more automation comes into our manufacturing processes, the employees who are administering or facilitating or making that process happen are going to have to have more skills to do that as well. So again, let’s build the expectation now that you’re required to learn and that it's going to be good and it's going to be beneficial, and hopefully that’ll catch, but we’re on that journey like others as well.” - Tami Wolownik

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Talking points

  • How Siemens Mobility has transitioned to the “New Normal”
  • Establishing a culture of inclusivity and innovation
  • Attracting talent by making a global impact
  • Upskilling internally to fill future roles

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About the Author

Sultan Murad Saidov is Co-Founder and President of Beamery. Sultan is a frequent speaker on AI, the Future of Work, and Talent Transformation, was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and is the host of the Talent Blueprint podcast.

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