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The Talent Blueprint: Prioritizing Internal Mobility, with Amdocs’ Asaf Jackoby

This episode features an interview with Asaf Jackoby, Senior Vice President of Global HR at Amdocs. Having begun his career in software implementation and program management, Asaf now leads Amdocs’ global talent strategy, where he and his team plan, attract, and hire for the technology company.

On today’s season finale, Asaf discusses the challenge of finding ready-made talent, encouraging internal mobility, and the connection between NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo and HR analytics...

“You need to understand as a leader that there are opportunities, and the employee every day selects to work for you.” – Asaf Jackoby

Show Notes

The Blueprint

  • [1:36] Asaf’s role at Amdocs
  • [3:11] Linking the whole value chain to a company’s strategic function
  • [5:06] Being ahead of the curve on talent sourcing

The Journey

  • [7:12] How Asaf measures success
  • [10:55] Friction points that he and other talent leaders face
  • [15:35] Recruitment: a responsibility shared by everyone
  • [18:43] The connection between Giannis Antetokounmpo and HR analytics

The Future

  • [22:47] Asaf’s recipe for success and unlocking the potential of your internal workforce
  • [26:17] The core currency of skills
  • [30:41] Lessons learned in changing the culture of job design
  • [34:00] What will have changed five years from now

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