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The Talent Blueprint: What’s on the Minds of the World’s Major CHROs? with Larry Emond

This episode features an interview with Larry Emond, Senior Partner at Modern Executive Solutions. Over the past several years he built the world’s largest network of big company CHROs, with nearly 1,000 globally. He has done over 350 meetings, mainly in person, to discuss their challenges and opportunities.

On today’s episode, Larry discusses “the big four” of major CHRO challenges, the importance of having a good boss, and how he is helping other people find success and fulfillment in their lives.

“We better not completely take the human out of human resources... the ‘human’ in human resources is the thing that is most likely to make us seem valuable to people.” – Larry Emond

Show Notes

The Blueprint

  • [1:29] Larry’s background getting to know some of the world’s biggest CHROs
  • [3:16] What Larry sees as the major challenges facing CHROs today
  • [7:46] How DE&I cuts across these major challenges
  • [9:33] Characteristics of the world’s biggest CHROs

The Journey

  • [12:22] Who’s your boss? A friction point for CHROs
  • [15:51] The challenges of hybrid working and the talent shortage

The Future

  • [21:22] Having a handle on HR tech and putting the human back in HR
  • [26:11] Larry’s raison d'être
  • [28:50] Keeping order and balance in one’s life
  • [30:17] What will have changed five years from now

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