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The Talent Blueprint: Leadership from the Start with Wagner Denuzzo

This episode features an interview with Wagner Denuzzo, Head of Capabilities for Future of Work at Prudential Financial. For the last three years, Wagner and his team have been responsible for Organizational Design and Capabilities, as well as the transformation of careers and skills development for the future.

On today’s episode, Wagner discusses the importance of hiring for potential, using technology to create equity of opportunity, and why the future of work rests in curiosity, courage, and compassion.

“I think we have to start thinking about propensity to learn and start hiring for potential. We talk about this, but we never do it well. We need to hire for potential to learn, because actually we can teach people the skills."

— Wagner Denuzzo

[1:44] Wagner’s role at Prudential and the opportunity he saw
[3:11] Getting off to a great start at Prudential
[4:40] Measuring success through adoption and culture change
[6:48] The challenges of change management
[9:06] Teaching people to think differently through enablement and great UX
[11:20] Focusing on skills and hiring for potential
[13:50] Leadership from the start: a preview of Wagner’s new book
[16:51] The future of talent management
[19:28] Encouraging data fluency in the flow of work
[22:50] Re-skilling existing employees 
[26:30] The benefits of machine learning versus human decision making
[29:46] Envisioning the ‘composable workforce’
[31:53] A shift in focus
[35:25] Wagner’s parting advice

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