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The Talent Blueprint: The Three Pillars of Talent Strategy with Stuart Rowland

This episode features an interview with Stuart Rowland, Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition at ServiceNow. Since joining the cloud-based platform in 2018, Stuart has overseen TA for the EMEA region, which will hire over 1,000 employees this year alone.

On today’s episode, Stuart talks about streamlining the hiring process, data insights, and fostering inclusivity and understanding.

“We’re in the world where healthy, enduring companies means healthy, enduring cultures.”

— Stuart Rowland

[1:26] What is ServiceNow?
[4:09] The role of a talent advisor versus a traditional recruiter
[6:39] Stuart’s talent strategy: fulfill your purpose. Do your best work. Live your best life
[9:15] Making the hiring process faster and more efficient
[12:00] Focusing on onboarding, constant feedback, and trust
[13:37] The most rewarding part of the journey
[14:39] Not biting off more than you can chew
[16:57] Upskilling and fostering inclusivity at ServiceNow
[21:57] The impact areas of data on TA
[25:29] Tackling challenges at ServiceNow
[27:28] Stuart’s advice to his past self: begin with the end in mind
[28:21] A world where healthy enduring companies means healthy enduring cultures

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