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The Talent Blueprint: Driving Talent Transformation with Kyle Lagunas

Welcome to our inaugural episode of The Talent Blueprint podcast by Beamery. Listen to how Kyle Lagunas, Head of Talent Attraction, Sourcing & Insights, is driving talent transformation at General Motors. Since joining the iconic automobile manufacturer in 2021, Kyle has worked to attract the diverse talent needed to power GM’s fully electric future.

On this week’s episode, Kyle discusses GM’s push to engage talent around the world, the challenges of change management, and embracing the new normal of hybrid work.

“I didn’t join GM because of where we’ve been, I joined GM because of where we’re going."

— Kyle Lagunas

[3:38] Break everything: how the strategy for talent at GM evolved to modernize their operations and empower their recruitment function to perform at a greater scale. 
[5:03] Measuring success through forecasting: building an accurate talent pipeline and aligning delivery teams on execution. 
[9:49] Getting buy-in from leadership: how they’ve supported GM’s talent transformation plans and change management.
[13:03] Creating richer experiences through onboarding and early career engagement: the value opportunity found to increase internal engagement.
[22:35] Getting to the big wins by sharing the small ones: empowering teams to start sharing all successes, including GM’s 99% email open rate. 
[27:00] A hope for better data ecosystems and experiential CRMs: how connected data is crucial for the success of GM’s talent teams.
[28:36] Embracing the new normal: the new hybrid work model.

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