Recruiting event management that’s truly end to end.

Finally a platform that lets you create delightful event experiences for candidates, simplify setup and logistics and track the overall impact of your recruiting events strategy.

Simplify event logistics

With one place to manage your annual events calendar, and each individual event from planning to reporting, it’s easy to run any event program.

Beautifully on brand

Promote events with branded landing pages and email templates that look great on every device and channel. No IT or technical support required.

Unmatched visibility

Demonstrate which events are working with attendee feedback collection, attribution, cost tracking and conversion reporting.

Be there when you can’t be there

Take any event online with Beamery Digital Events. Spin up, manage and update events fast, with simple workflows and pre-built asset templates to reach candidates where they are. Build ongoing on-brand nurture campaigns around the events to keep candidates engaged, and moving through your talent pipeline.

Digitize your lead capture process

Convert candidates fast with easy, mobile optimized check-in: no need for spreadsheets! Every candidate that registers in advance or signs up on the day is automatically enriched and imported into your CRM database.

How do companies use Beamery Events?

Beamery Events is flexible and can support any objective, whether you're running a campus recruiting program, or supporting diversity hiring targets.

Diversity MilitaryCampusJob fair

The event is only the beginning

Keep new talent engaged with personalized campaigns that target candidates at an optimal time based on the information they've submitted, their website activity and the jobs and content they're interested in. Messages can be automated or sent on an ad-hoc basis.

Prove the impact of your events

Easily assess event performance, measure event ROI, evaluate progress and make better decisions on where to invest budget.

Candidate surveys

Collect feedback from attendees to improve your events

Attribution reporting

Gather insights on the impact of events on the talent journey

Cost tracking

Understand the cost per qualified candidate from each event


Prioritize the events that engage and convert the nost qualified prospects

Recruiting Events - the Complete Playbook


Recruiting Events - the Complete Playbook


The Definitive Guide to Recruitment Marketing


The Definitive Guide to Recruitment Marketing


The State of Talent Engagement 2019


The State of Talent Engagement 2019


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