Skills Intelligence

Skills Intelligence

Realize the full potential of your workforce, with actionable insights and deeper intelligence around skills.

Skills Intelligence
Positive Business Outcome

Build a skills-first organization

Get a clear and actionable view of your company’s current and adjacent skills, and development potential. Use these insights to make the right decisions around how to build, buy and borrow your workforce of the future: inform hiring, restructuring and training strategies, and build a skills-focused culture. 

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Get a single source of truth for skills data

Skills are the backbone of your company, but your data is usually inconsistent, spread across different systems, and out of date.

Now you can unify skills data from different sources, ontologies, and HCM systems into a single, universal taxonomy for a consistent and real-time view of what you have today, and what you’ll need to plan for in the future.

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Understand and benchmark your workforce

Pinpoint internal skill gaps, and track global trends from live labor market data. See which skills are on the rise, and the market value of different jobs, so that you stay one step ahead.

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Maintain your job architecture dynamically

Say goodbye to the manual, complicated work of keeping your job architecture up to date. 

With Beamery, you have one place to manage your global job architecture. Use AI to keep jobs up to date, with automatic mapping of relevant or new skills to each job, so your roles will always match business requirements.

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Wells fargo

Skills... can be the building block of how we think about talent going forward... the unit of currency, as I like to think about it.

Ellie Bertani
SVP of HR Transformation & Services, Wells Fargo

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Deeper skills intelligence from Beamery

candidates, with all their skills, background and experiences
data points from roles, skills, organizations, industries, education and more
connections between data points
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AI-Powered Talent Lifecycle Management Platform

Talent Acquisition

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Easily identify, engage and hire talent with the right skills and potential, to speed up hiring cycles and reduce costs.

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What Is Skills Intelligence, And Why Does It Matter?

What Is Skills Intelligence, And Why Does It Matter?

Skills Intelligence is at the heart of a skills-based approach. Discover what it means, and why it delivers a competitive advantage.

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Connect People To Roles: Finding Efficiency In TA

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