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The Talent Blueprint: Breaking Mindset Barriers with Ignacio Aranguez Montero

This episode features an interview with Ignacio Aranguez Montero, Head of Talent & Transformation at Aegon. As a member of the Global Talent Team in Spain, Ignacio leads a team of twelve HR practitioners to drive cultural and organizational transformation.

On today’s episode, Ignacio discusses the evolving role of data in TA, creating the right environment for employees to thrive, and why the talent journey is a bit like dating.

“I am convinced that there is no one within the business environment best placed than HR to lead and steer strategy roadmaps and transformation programs.”

— Ignacio Aranguez Montero

[1:36] Ignacio’s role at Aegon and the growth of his team
[4:25] Becoming the best place to work in the Spanish market
[5:18] How Aegon fosters recurrent and transparent conversations
[7:37] Measuring the efficacy of their programs
[10:02] Making brand ambassadors of their current and former employees
[11:23] Key milestones across the talent journey
[13:01] Creating the right environment for employees to thrive
[14:13] Thinking of the talent journey like a relationship
[18:18] Transformation and the challenge of breaking mindset barriers
[20:26] Ignacio’s favorite upcoming initiatives
[21:51] The evolving role of data in TA
[25:23] Three talent challenges for Ignacio
[28:37] Ignacio’s advice to other TA leaders
[30:16] A paradigm shift for HR practitioners
[31:52] Focusing on the business strategy and elevating those in HR

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