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Top Sourcing Tools: The Ultimate Collection

In today’s market, you can’t rely on job applications alone. With the vast majority of talent being passive (meaning they aren’t actively seeking new opportunities), recruiters have to go out and find the high quality candidates they need to fill their open roles.

To support this growing need, we’ve seen a fantastic ecosystem of tools and technologies evolve to make sourcing far more efficient. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of sourcing tools that can help make any sourcers job easier — and we’ve broken them down into three main categories.

1. CRM

What do you do once you’ve found a new candidate? Where do they go? Ideally, you want to avoid spreadsheets and other manual processes — they’re okay when you’re first starting out, but they can quickly become cumbersome and unmanageable.

Your ATS isn’t designed to manage candidates before they’ve applied either, so that’s out of the question. The answer is simple: you need to start using a recruiting CRM.

Here’s our favorite:


It’s a bit of a shameless plug, but we would be remiss if we didn’t share our product with you here. But the truth is, our Talent CRM has everything you need to recruit candidates more proactively and build pipelines of qualified talent.

From start to finish, our aim has been to make sourcing and engaging talent totally seamless. The Beamery Chrome extension reduces sourcing directly from web-pages to a matter of clicks. Beamery then automatically finds social and professional information for each candidate and aggregates it into rich individual profiles, (so you have the context you need for every conversation).

From the CRM, sourcers and recruiters can run recruitment marketing campaigns to engage and nurture new candidates, and see detailed engagement analytics (e.g. website visits and email opens/clicks). This is a winning combination and helps sourcers and recruiters engage passive talent.

2. Search engines

Good recruiters know that there are tons of great candidates out there, but you can’t engage with them if you can’t find them. Fortunately, there are a number of search engine products that index talent and make them easily searchable.

Here are a few of our favorites:


TalentBin is basically a search engine that allows you to find passive candidates who are active online. You can find people based on skills, interests and actions — and it searches the entire web for you in just a few short steps. helps companies source engineering talent more effectively. They’ve set up a targeted database of engineers that employers can easily search through and filter.

In this tool, engineers are ranked by community contributions (a significant indicator of quality that’s often overlooked), existing network size and several other variables based on your requirements.

3. Communities and marketplaces


Hired is a candidate marketplace that allows you to search through curated pools of sales and tech talent.

Hired takes care of the ‘top of funnel’ filtering for you. Their initial assessments filter out the majority of the applications that are sent their way and ensure that everyone you see is vetted and is a high quality candidate.


Whitetruffle is another niche sourcing tool that allows fast-growing employers to search specifically for the tech talent they need. They have a database of over 90,000 candidates ready to search.


Formerly known as Looksharp, WayUp is a sourcing tool that focuses on early career candidates. They help early career candidates land new positions with quality employers, and they assist recruiters in finding the candidates they need to fill their entry level roles.


If you outsource your recruiting process to agencies, RecruitiFi may be of interest to you. This tool helps employers consolidate each of their recruiting agencies into one single platform with a single set of terms.

RecrutiFi also consolidates the billing process for agencies, so you only have one bill to pay instead of one for each individual agency.


This last tool is useful for employers who hire a lot of contract or temporary workers. HireArt is a candidate database specifically created to help companies hire and manage their entire contract workforce. They also help employers with onboarding, payroll and W2 tax documents for their contract workers.


If you’re looking for one single tool that can help you manage your entire talent lifecycle, and can help with everything from sourcing, career sites, and Talent CRM, to Talent Analytics, DE&I and Internal Mobility, check out our Talent Lifecycle Management Solution.

Learn more about how Beamery can help you transform your workforce with a single AI-driven platform.