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AI In The HR Department: Go Beyond Compliance

AI regulation is coming to many markets, and soon. But the crucial question is: what do employers, and HR leaders, need to do to prepare – and avoid costly fines for non-compliance?

Learn how to use AI in talent management in a compliant, ethical and future-proofed way.

Hear from our panel of experts (Pag Miles, Global Head of Alliances, AMS; Nicolette Nowak, VP Legal, Associate General Counsel at Beamery; and Airlie Hilliard, Senior Researcher, Holistic AI) on the benefits, risks and best practices when using AI in HR.

In this on-demand webinar, we take a deep dive into:

  • The implications of the NYC local law 144 of 2021 (“AEDT”) and EEOC guidance on AI in HR
  • The responsibilities of the employer organization using AI, the AI vendor, and HR when utilizing AI-powered tools throughout the talent lifecycle
  • The steps to ensure compliance and knowledge across the organization