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How to Create a Self-Learning, Agile Job Architecture: Your Quick Guide to Dynamic Skills Data

Skills-based strategies can unlock greater business agility through upskilling, or redeployment of talent to mission critical projects, all the while improving staff retention and quality of hire -- this is no longer up for debate. And, with advancements in emerging technologies like AI making it easier than ever to keep skills data up-to-date and accessible, it may seem surprising that more organizations have not been quicker to adopt skills-based approaches.

What we have found in conversations with organizations is that many talent leaders and C-suite executives continue to associate the move to skills-based talent management and workforce planning with high risk, high maintenance, tedious planning (involving third-party consultants), and a lengthy change management process. Businesses that have already invested in building skills taxonomies quickly realize that skills data is only useful if it is up to date and if it can be integrated across the HR ecosystem... which is not always easy to achieve.

In this webinar, we explore how Beamery can help you speed up time-to-value for skills-based transformation efforts by:

  • Establishing a scalable, dynamic skills database, enriched to deliver real-time workforce intelligence that you can trust.
  • Putting skills at the center of key HR processes, from attracting, sourcing, hiring and onboarding, to developing, redeploying, and more.
  • Making it easy to adapt and maintain your Job Architecture so that you can plan and act with confidence and speed.