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Numbers Game: Making The Data Work For You

We’re guessing that as an HR professional, you likely identify more as a “people person” than a “numbers person.” But improving an organization from the inside requires aptitude with both homosapiens and data analysis. Whether or not you’ve mastered the homosapiens side of things, it’s integral to pay attention to the data component in order to equip HR departments and Hiring Managers with the information they need to keep the organization evolving.

Watch this HR Brew webinar with Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder of Beamery, and Dawn Klinghoffer, Head of People Analytics at Microsoft, where they share ways to identify, organize, and leverage employee data consistently and effectively. They talk about how collecting both quantitative and qualitative data—especially over time—is integral to making informed HR and hiring decisions, and how to tackle the opportunity even with limited resources.

About the Author

Sultan Murad Saidov is Co-Founder and President of Beamery. Sultan is a frequent speaker on AI, the Future of Work, and Talent Transformation, was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and is the host of the Talent Blueprint podcast.

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