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How Grab Personalized Their Candidate Experience & Increased Recruiter Productivity

GRAB case study

Grab’s challenge

Faced with aggressive growth and a dynamic market, Grab needed a way of attracting and engaging the best talent to help them scale their business. They were looking to create a more personalized experience for candidates, and wanted to take more control over the end-to-end recruiting process. This way, they could be more proactive in engaging and nurturing candidates for open roles.

“It was challenging for us to build proper relationships with talent at scale. Now, with the Beamery implementation, we re-shaped our whole strategy and developed a new mindset in how we approach candidates.”

Micheal Wright, Head of Talent Acquisition, Grab

Disrupt or be disrupted

At Grab, there’s a culture of innovation that pervades everything that the company does; from building the most popular ride-hailing and digital payments app in Southeast Asia, to hiring the best talent. “We know that not differentiating the way we hire, leaves the door ajar for someone else to beat us,” said Michael Wright. Grab wants to “recruit the best talent, in the shortest possible time, and provide them with a positive, personalized experience during that journey.”

Grab is determined to move to a more proactive recruiting process across the board. One of Michael’s main motivations behind implementing Beamery is to turn his team into “marketing thinkers”, able to build relationships with top candidates whether candidates are actively looking at a role or not. “Beyond all the benefits that Beamery brings in enhanced time-to-hire and quality of candidate experience, I see it as a fundamental career development tool,” said Michael.

One of the things that attracted Grab to Beamery was the comprehensiveness of the platform. “Beamery have created a full-suite of inbound marketing and CRM tools,” said Michael; it’s everything they need to “drive faster, friendlier, and more personalized experiences for candidates.” As they continue to leverage the platform, they stand ready to turn recruiting into a competitive advantage that they can rely on.