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Announcing The 2024 Beamie Award Winners

On June 5, Beamery announced our 2024 Beamie Award winners during our annual Spark Live conference. This year we celebrated three amazing organizations and two inspiring individuals from our customer community, who are leading the pack in skills-based transformation – and always challenging themselves to reimagine the future of work, across the talent lifecycle.

This year, we asked for award nominations from both our customers and our customer-facing teams. We were inundated with nominations, from a huge range of industries, and it wasn’t easy to select the best from a large number of truly impressive folks.

But here they are: this year’s Beamie Award winners…!

HR Innovation | DraftKings


The HR Innovation award celebrates organizations that have proactively transformed their talent function by embracing new technology and innovative processes to support the evolving needs of their business.

The 2024 HR Innovation award goes to DraftKings, in recognition of their clever approach to elevating the candidate experience – and making huge efficiency gains. DraftKings recruiters are using Beamery’s AI features, such as the talent match score, vacancy calibration and Suggested Contacts, to help them fill roles faster... with exactly the skills they need to be successful. 

As they proactively ensure pipelined talent is engaged and nurtured throughout the lifecycle, thanks to Beamery’s candidate portal, resurfaced candidates are three times more likely to receive an offer than direct applicants. 

In the past year, DraftKings has effectively reduced their time-to-fill by 11 days – all while delivering an exceptional, hyper-personalized experience for talent.

“At DraftKings, we are constantly looking for ways to utilize AI in our day-to-day. We’re all still learning about AI, and it’s really constantly evolving. What might work today, might not work tomorrow, so it really is diving in and understanding where the benefits are for you... I think for us, it’s been fantastic. We're truly reaping the benefits.” — Rachel Corbett, Manager of Talent Acquisition, DraftKings

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HR Transformation Impact | Hilti


The HR Transformation Impact award acknowledges organizations that have successfully implemented Beamery to optimize their talent acquisition operations, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and better ROI.

The 2024 HR Transformation Impact award goes to Hilti, who have embraced a more proactive talent acquisition strategy... and used Beamery as their star tool to make their TA model super efficient and effective.

Hilti has been both innovative and intentional with their TA solutions, able to nurture passive contacts and hugely reduce their time to hire, in the face of enormous recruitment targets. 

To scale their transformation globally to achieve the maximum impact, they have implemented Beamery with international teams in more than 120 countries, as well as delivered a UI in more than 25 languages. 

And the team at Hilti feels confident that, with Beamery, they can meet a new target of hiring 55,000 employees over the next 6 years. They are already starting to see the quantifiable benefits and impact of their HR transformation. 

“We’ve significantly increased the number of candidates within our Beamery talent pools globally and we are working towards reducing our time to hire by 30%. This reduction translates for us here at Hilti to estimated savings of 240 million Swiss francs.”  - Magda Szczepanska, Global Talent Acquisition Product Owner, Hilti

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Workforce DE&I | Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

The Workforce DE&I award recognizes organizations who prioritize DE&I in talent management ensuring that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are in every aspect of their talent function, leveraging Beamery solutions to help drive DE&I efforts and initiatives.

The 2024 Workforce DE&I award goes to Wells Fargo, for their continued dedication to helping military personnel re-enter the workforce, and their commitment to uplifting disadvantaged communities through apprenticeships, corporate fellowships, and talent sourcing programs focused on hiring and supporting veterans as well as military spouses.   

The Military Talent Strategic Sourcing team, or MTSS, are the pioneers for a lot of what’s possible in Talent Acquisition across the organization. Leading wider adoption of the Beamery platform across Wells Fargo, MTSS has expertly used Beamery solutions to streamline their hiring processes and provide candidates with a top-of-the-line experience. They’re able to see complete candidate profiles in an instant—allowing their teams to better understand their talent pools, and accurately source great military talent. 

“Since we’ve adopted Beamery, it’s been a real game changer. We’ve seen a 700% increase in military job seekers from before using Beamery to now... We are seeing an increase in communications and interest, and Beamery is helping us to scale and communicate effectively.” — Cameron Crossley, Data Analyst, Military Talent & Strategic Sourcing, Wells Fargo

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Skills Transformation Leader of the Year | Andi Zyka | Salesforce


The Skills Transformation Leader of the Year award celebrates the exceptional achievements of an HR leader who has pioneered skills-based transformation at their organization.

The Skills Transformation Leader of the Year award goes to Andi Zyka of Salesforce, for his ability to rapidly implement innovative solutions that support his company’s growth and address his organization’s unique HR challenges.  

Andi and his team rapidly implemented groundbreaking AI-driven technologies within Salesforce recruiting, to support the move toward a more powerful skills-based approach to talent acquisition… and source higher quality candidates in the process.

Andi and his team partnered with global leaders from across Salesforce to implement and onboard over 1,000 users of Beamery to meet the steep hiring demands of rapid business growth. Ensuring his stakeholders around the world were able to share best practices and key wins, they were able to foster rapid adoption and maximum impact across candidate nurture, candidate pooling, and candidate engagement – and improve the overall candidate experience.

By implementing Beamery and centralizing their talent data, layered by features of AI and enhanced searchability, Salesforce has built a robust pipeline of impressive candidates, fully realizing the benefits of their Talent Acquisition transformation.

“We have delivered a pipeline on demand with thousands and thousands of qualified talent that are actively being nurtured and shared with one another in those pools. We have over four million contacts centralized in Beamery. And the combination of the structure, the AI, the tools, the collaboration that we have, we've delivered a platform that has powerful searchability and powerful filter capabilities that allow us to surface the right talent at scale, with a vastly improved performance and UI and UX for all of our users.” — Andi Zyka, Senior Manager, Recruiting, Onboarding, and Employee Learning Solutions, Salesforce

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Talent Champion of the Year | Zach Donnarumma | Verizon


The Talent Champion of the Year award celebrates an individual who has demonstrated their advocacy, expertise, and strategic acumen as a Beamery master user.

Zachary Donnarumma of Verizon is absolutely the blueprint of not only a Talent Champion, but of the importance of user influence and advocacy when adopting Beamery solutions across multiple teams.

As well as finding (and sharing) all the various ways the platform can deliver a great talent experience, Zach uses the insights and data from Beamery to ensure his team is constantly learning, improving and optimizing the way they source and recruit talent. Bravo, Zach!    

“We are truly optimizing all that Beamery has to offer. From delivering training on all facets of the platform to exploring strategies that we can employ in the future, our talent sourcing team is using Beamery to enhance candidate experiences and to drive high-quality talent into our pipelines with the skills that our business needs today and tomorrow.” - Zach Donnarumma, Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Verizon

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 Beamie Awards! Thank you for being innovative and strategic leaders in the Talent community, and continuing to seek ways to elevate the candidate experience. We cannot wait to see how you raise the bar in 2025 and beyond. 

Discover more about this year’s Spark Live event here.

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