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Beamery Announces Suite Of New Products Addressing Talent Risk Management, Role Design, And Talent Attraction

Beamery, the leading AI-powered talent platform, today announced a range of new products to help organizations build more agile workforce plans, manage talent risk, and maximize ROI from talent investments. 

Revealed at their annual Spark Live conference, the foremost event for HR and talent leaders, the innovations will allow businesses to adjust talent strategies and make better hiring decisions in response to changing conditions, thanks to near-real-time skills and market data and AI-driven insights.

Talent Risk Management Dashboard

With this solution, companies will get early warning signals when their workforce plan is at risk, and AI-tailored guidance on how to get things back on track. 

Leaders will be able to review data around talent availability and affordability to make real-time “build, buy, borrow” decisions, respond to changing market conditions, and adjust talent strategies – maximizing savings and ROI. Based on the combined intelligence Beamery holds around the organization’s skills, people, strategy and competitors, leaders can make more informed decisions regarding how to best deliver against business and talent goals.

Vacancy Calibration Assistant

Beamery’s Vacancy Calibration Assistant will provide proactive advice to recruiters and managers on how to shape job requirements and hiring strategies, together. 

These dynamic insights and feedback, embedded in communication tools like Slack and Teams to improve collaboration, will allow companies to get even more precise in their role design, candidate shortlisting and recruitment. Moreover, the hiring team will get alerts when a role or a candidate needs attention, or when a role is at risk, with suggestions on how to  course correct and get the right talent in the right role, faster.

Talent Marketing Control Panel

With a first-of-its-kind Talent Marketing Control Panel, talent teams will get the insights they need to deploy the right programs, optimize spend, reach and convert high quality candidates, and make changes to their strategy in real time. 

They will be able to forecast the impact of assets, events, and communications – to reduce wasted spend – and target talent segments with greater precision. And, for the first time, they will be able to engage talent with the highest potential to succeed, based on the skills the organization has identified as mission critical. Sharing increasingly relevant content and opportunities, through hyper-personalized, curated experiences, will also improve pipeline diversity. 

What’s more, Beamery’s AI co-pilot will suggest the best talent audiences to reach out to, as well as the best timing to do so.

The company also announced a new skills marketplace, and welcomed Workday, SAP and TalentNeuron as Gold Tier partners. These launch partners will have exclusive access to Beamery’s skills API, for 2-way skill and role taxonomy integrations. This will give shared customers consistent skills data across their HCM and talent systems.

Beamery also revealed that, in the past year, more than 80% of their customers have successfully deployed the latest AI-native solutions across their talent and people teams. Customers have seen clear benefits – from a 40% reduction in time to hire, to a fourfold increase in human productivity, as well as doubling the number of diverse candidates in their pipeline. 

“AI has the potential to transform the work of HR, but it needs to be deployed safely and operate on secure data to be adopted in the enterprise,” said Sultan Saidov, President & Co-founder of Beamery. “With these new AI-powered innovations, we will enable HR and talent leaders to not only make more confident talent decisions, but deliver a greater ROI from existing HR systems – thanks to Beamery’s enhanced data and insights now being made available across our partner ecosystem.”    

Watch the full announcement here.