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The Perfect Careers Page: A Complete Guide [Infographic]

“In recruiting today, it’s not only recruiters who are doing the research. Top talent is searching for a company the same way they would any other purchasing decision" - Matt Charney

What's the first place every candidate heads when they want to find out more about your company?

Your careers page - no real surprises here!

As Matt Charney neatly puts it, top talent is researching YOU 85% of job searches start with a search engine. They're not content to blindly hit apply, they want to know what they're getting themselves into.

As a result, careers pages are becoming increasingly important as a source of hire - CareerXroads statistics show that they account for 94.1% more hires than they did in 4 years ago.

Despite this, getting significant value out of your careers page can be tricky. The online attention span of candidates is incredibly short - your page needs to grab their attention, engage them and convince them to apply.

To help you get going here, we've put together a complete guide to building the perfect careers page, as well as 2 key takeways for you to focus on at the bottom of the page. Take a look!


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### **Key Takeaways**
Want to know what'll help you turn your careers page into a talent magnet?  
All the very best pages focus on 2 pretty essential things:  
### **i Give insights into your culture**
Candidates want to understand what life at your company is _really _like.  
Your careers page needs to give genuine insights into your culture and the values you hold dear.  
It doesn't matter if you're a scrappy startup that works through the night to push out the latest version of your app, while surviving on a steady diet of pepperoni pizza, or a global powerhouse that prides itself on offering market leading products - you need to make sure it's clear!  
Transparency around working culture also helps candidates pre-qualify themselves - anyone addicted to the 9-5 is unlikely to apply to our pizza-driven startup!  
This ultimately helps you avoid hiring people who are bad cultural fits and should help boost retention.  
### **ii 'Sell' your company **
Not everyone arrives at your site 'ready-to-buy'.  
This is the reason that marketers spend hours maybe even days tweaking copy and adjusting design - they're always looking for a better conversion rate.  
It's no different in recruitment.  
The vast majority of candidates that head to your website are pretty passive. They're there to find out more, maybe even to browse a few opportunities,  but few are 'ready-to-apply' as many as 98% will leave immediately!.  
Your careers site needs to convert them.  
Working out the best ways to convert candidates is always an iterative process, but the best way to start is to cut bland job descriptions and jargon, and focus on making your opportunities sound interesting and exciting. shows that it's always descriptions of your company and opportunities that candidates spend the most time on - your copy needs to be on point! If anyone's looking for examples I've always been a fan of [Onefinestay's careers page and job descriptions]  
* * *
_Our research suggests that you can get better results by focusing on these 2 key areas. If you've found success with other tactics, we'd love to hear about them. Hit us up on Twitter at [@BeameryHQ] and tell us all about it!_

Ben Slater

VP Marketing

Ben Slater leads marketing globally at Beamery. He typically writes about the future of work and talent transformation.

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