Talent Management

Talent Management

Engage, develop, retain and redeploy talent to unlock the potential of your workforce.

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Open up opportunities, with frictionless internal mobility

Encourage employees to find new roles internally that match their skills and career aspirations, in order to increase engagement and retention. Help recruiters identify and nurture employees who are an ideal fit for open roles.

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Help workers navigate their careers

Show employees potential career paths at your company – and how to take each step. Provide personalized recommendations around where their skills match certain roles.

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Empower employees to take control of their own careers
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Redeploy talent and increase workforce agility

Get talent to where it’s needed most, quickly. Move workers into roles that fill critical business needs, or offer up career paths that are a great fit for their skills and interests.

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Build the right skills for the future

Develop, reskill and upskill your employees through relevant, targeted L&D programs and personalized recommendations in order to build the skills you need today, and tomorrow.

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Empower managers to build better teams

Help team managers visualize where they have skills gaps. Give them the right insights to make better hiring and training decisions, and collaborate better with L&D experts to upskill their team. Help them optimize performance, fill roles more quickly, and stay agile and efficient.

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Increase employee engagement

While building employee skills is usually a key priority, many companies struggle to garner interest in their career development programs. 

Now, your team only has to ask a few simple questions in order to get started with development. Make personalized recommendations to your workers, and show them internal roles that can support their journey with the help of AI.

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Lead Tech Company

A large technology company was struggling with high rates of employee turnover and departures due to a lack of career opportunities, despite manager focus and training investments, and low awareness of available internal positions.

With Beamery, they could create visible career pathing, connecting available jobs to employees, with applicants automatically submitted into existing hiring flows within ATS.

This resulted in a 91% increase in employee confidence in career navigation, and more than 30 days reduction in time-to-fill positions.

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Talent transformation that delivers results

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AI-Powered Talent Lifecycle Management Platform

Talent Acquisition

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Easily identify, engage and hire talent with the right skills and potential, to speed up hiring cycles and reduce costs.

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Connected Insights: Elevate Your Skills Intelligence

Connected Insights: Elevate Your Skills Intelligence

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