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Beamery AI Explainability Statement

Read this Explainability Statement to better understand our Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes, and how we help our customers fulfill various legal obligations.

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Transparency in AI is one of our core values at Beamery. We have therefore written this Explainability Statement to explain our Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes, and in an effort to assist our customers in fulfilling their obligations as “employers using AI tools in making employment decisions” under such laws like NYC’s Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDT) law and as “data controllers” in compliance with data protection laws, including the EU/UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar regulations.

This document may be updated from time to time based on updates to our internal processes or products/algorithms.

View or download the statement above to learn more about how AI is used in our suite of products, our commitment to responsible AI and bias mitigation processes, and some of our security and data protection practices.