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The Talent Blueprint: A Holistic Approach to Talent, with Paul Lesser

This episode features an interview with Paul Lesser, Principal at PHL Talent Advisory Services. Paul is the former head of Talent Acquisition, Talent Development & Learning at Fidelity Investments, which he joined in 1995.

Listen as Paul discusses the importance of onboarding, using data and technology to learn more about employee populations, and why talent leaders must take a more holistic approach to talent lifecycle management.

“You can’t just recruit your way out of issues. What are you doing for your current associates? What are you doing to retain them? What are you doing to create an environment where they want to stay?” – Paul Lesser

The Blueprint

  • [1:42] Paul’s background and current advisory work
  • [5:15] The importance of onboarding
  • [6:01] Working with businesses and helping them think differently

The Journey

  • [7:53] Creating a more holistic talent lifecycle experience and bringing data/systems/teams together
  • [12:29] Hiring the right people vs. the “best” people
  • [15:23] The myriad friction points for talent leaders
  • [19:02] Learning more about our employee populations
  • [22:50] Challenges that lie ahead
  • [26:43] The connection between golf and life

The Future of Talent

  • [28:30] Getting the house in order and getting the most out of technology
  • [31:03] Advice to past self: take the time to really listen
  • [33:11] The future: greater transparency, AI, and can organizations take a stand on issues without losing employees/customers?

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