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How Circles.Life Increased Candidate Satisfaction By 288%, And Scaled Its Employer Brand

CirclesLife case study

Circles.Life’s challenge

Circles.Life has seen great success since launching in Singapore as Asia’s first and most successful digital mobile services company, and has continued to rapidly gain market share ever since. To support the trajectory of the business, the People & Culture team knew early on that they needed a sophisticated candidate management solution to scale their hiring efforts.

With more candidates applying for roles or interested in working at Circles.Life, the team found themselves with large volumes of candidate data, but with no unified database to house them. Crucially, the Employer Branding team at Circles.Life needed to find a way to engage significant volumes of candidates on a more personal level.

"Beamery became one of our channels to build a following globally. Through the platform, we were able to gain a significant and engaged pool of potential candidates."

– Alex Png, Global Head of Employer Branding, Diversity and Campus Hiring,

Bringing together all candidate data to scale talent acquisition

Circles.Life saw the potential of Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management platform in helping them to solve these challenges and achieve its strategic pillars – team growth whilst sustaining a scalable employer brand.

The integration between their ATS, Greenhouse, and Beamery enabled a unified workflow for the Circles.Life team – with the team able to automate actions through Beamery’s Recipes functionality – reducing manual data input. As Alex Png notes: “Beamery helped us to build robust and automated candidate profiles across our ATS and CRM, in a scalable fashion.”

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“Part of the reason that Circles.Life selected Beamery was due to the dedicated customer success levels offered – and their committed approach to the partnership. The dedication shown by the team and its reputation as a platform that can support global enterprises was a great assurance. We had confidence in what Beamery was able to deliver and this is especially important when it comes to implementing technology.” – Alex Png

Circles.Life invests heavily in their Campus Recruiting and Beamery has proven to support and drive efficiencies across that. “We’re committed to opening our doors to fresh graduates. We use Beamery forms and landing pages to do that – growing our talent networks at campus events. As soon as candidates are added to our community, we nurture them through Beamery’s automated email campaign functionality – sending them monthly newsletters, information about Circles.Life, company updates, job openings, and internship opportunities,” commented Alex.

“We’re also experimenting with initiatives such as our recent Hackathon. Standout talent that we scout from such events are pushed through our ATS and Beamery – from there, we create new talent pipelines and flag their profiles to our recruiters. So for mass communications, we build our employer brand and goodwill. And for more targeted groups, we pass their information on to our recruiters so that we don’t miss out on exceptional talent,” Alex highlighted.

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A key strength of the platform has been how simple it is to use for supporting recruitment events. “Recruiters going to events can go hands-free, which is valuable. All they need to do is create a form and they can easily gather attendee data. This then goes straight into Beamery and we can set up personalized recipes to engage those users through email nurture campaigns.”

The main result delivered by Beamery for Circles.Life, to date, is the ability to deliver personalized employer brand experiences at scale. With the company still being relatively small, their online following isn’t large – yet their reputation is picking up in terms of scale and impact as a commercial brand. “Beamery became one of our channels to build a following globally. Through the platform, we were able to gain a significant and engaged pool of potential candidates. Beamery enables us to utilize the contacts and data we have to reach people who have shown an interest in joining Circles.Life. It allows us to scale up in terms of candidate generation and use that to grow our presence on other platforms as a brand,” commented Alex.


Although it is early days in terms of ROI from Beamery, there are some evident gains from the platform for Circles.Life. The team’s email campaign open and click-through rates far exceed those previously seen for their candidate communications – with a 40% average open rate and a 30% average click-through rate. Additionally, current employees are stepping forward to collaborate on employer brand content. Internal teams and individuals are interested in featuring in newsletters, providing testimonials and supporting on creating content to push out to potential candidates.

“This is all fantastic validation when it comes to the use of Beamery at Circles.Life. We have sourced a significant number of candidates across talent pools in just 7 months. The positive impact that the platform has had on our candidate experience is also impressive. We introduced cNPS and our score started at +9. Following the implementation of Beamery, our latest number is +35. That’s a 288% increase in our candidate satisfaction score,” noted Alex.