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Winter Launch Overview: A New Skills-based Hiring Workflow

Discover all the updates in our 2024 Winter Launch. Learn how you can empower sourcers and recruiters with a new skills-based hiring workflow, and our generative AI solution, TalentGPT.

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Exclusively for Beamery customers... Discover everything in our latest product announcement:

A new skills-based hiring workflow

Talent Acquisition teams can help their organizations take the first steps toward skills-based transformation while also improving the quality of hires, reducing time-to-fill, identifying and assessing candidates and their skills quickly, and collaborating effectively with hiring managers.

Reduce time to hire, with new actionable insights when calibrating a job

AI Vacancy Calibration Insights help TA teams define the specific needs of the role based on skills, seniority, and location, providing a better shortlist of potential candidates. Paet of Beamery Labs

Quickly assess talent, with skills-powered profiles

Our new Smart Profile experience helps TA teams share candidate profiles and exchange opinions, keeping Hiring Managers on top of all the relevant information before the screening call.

Get faster and more productive feedback, based on skills

Beamery’s Candidate Review allows for quickly reviewing large volumes of candidates, with auto-generated profile summaries.

Reimagine productivity and work smarter inside of Beamery, with TalentGPT

Our generative AI-powered solution helps you to work smarter inside Beamery, with contextual suggestions, intuitive search, and easy ways to deliver tailored messages to many relevant candidates at once. Personalization at scale and enhanced productivity, all in a compliant and audited system. 

And much more...

Learn more about the Winter Product Announcement here.