A new approach to skills-based talent management

A new approach to skills-based talent management

Understand the skills you have today to design the workforce you’ll need for the future.

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Spot and fill talent gaps quickly, create a future-fit workforce and build a resilient organization, with deeper insights across the talent lifecycle.

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Design roles and job architectures with dynamic skills data

Understand the skills you need for any role. Find superstars you might not have considered. Fill vacancies faster. Supercharge internal mobility. Empower recruiters and hiring managers to better collaborate and find the right person to join their team.

“Beamery has allowed me to approach hiring from a skills perspective, and now I can consider candidates for multiple roles across the business.”

Aidan O'Brien, Talent Sourcing Specialist, Workday

“Through Beamery, the team is able to build and nurture talent pools for scarce skills – creating multi-touch personalized campaigns to attract candidates.”

Samantha Ramsay, Head of UK Resourcing, Balfour Beatty

Empower managers to plan better, based on skills

Make it easy for managers to see what skills they have, where there are deficits, and who else has the right skills to backfill roles. Improve communication and collaboration between managers and HR to help them hire, upskill and develop their team with a better understanding of capabilities, skills, interests and aspirations.

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Foster smarter, skills-based mentorships for growth

Help employees navigate their careers and understand the skills they need to succeed. Empower leaders to share their background and help employees find the right person with the right experience to navigate their careers.

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Can you retain top talent by understanding and developing skills?

51% of employee say they plan to leave their jobs in the next year.

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61% of all employees said they would be interested in learning new skills at their current workplace, but less than half of that group (27%) were actually already doing so.

32% of employees felt that their employer was currently set up to, or willing, to support them moving into a new role within their organization that complemented their existing skills.

From Reactive to Resilient

Powering Your Talent Strategy with Skills

Skills are the key to building a more resilient talent strategy. Learn how HR leaders are using skills insights to prepare their organizations for uncertainty.

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