Meet the next generation of AI

Meet the next generation of AI

Unify your skills data for complete workforce intelligence and use AI more fairly and effectively to recruit, retain and redeploy talent.

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This industry-first approach enables organizations to finally have  a single source of truth, get an instant skills taxonomy, uncover skills and potential and empower employees growth.

Develop a common skills language

Maintain a single source of truth and a single skills taxonomy across your organization, with the flexibility to integrate new sources of skills data.

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Beamery has allowed me to approach hiring from a skills perspective, and now I can consider candidates for multiple roles across the business.
Aidan O’BrienTalent Sourcing Specialist, Workday

Organizations are desperate for intelligent skills management platforms to improve recruiting, training, and internal mobility. Beamery’s Universal Skills Platform has the vision and potential to play this role in many large organizations.
Josh BersinGlobal Industry Analyst and CEO, The Josh Bersin Company

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of Talent Index respondents said AI helps companies to identify suitable candidates more efficiently


of businesses have already, or will, face a skills gap (McKinsey)

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Make better, smarter decisions even faster with AI Talent Match

Identify better talent faster, improve recruiter efficiencies, and reduce bias, while understanding the context behind the AI recommendations.

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Convert, engage and understand your candidates

Increase candidate conversion rates, and minimize drop-off at the core parts of a candidate’s journey, with Beamery’s new Convert.

Give your candidates control over how they want to engage with you. Implement AI compliance best practices by letting candidates choose how they wish AI to be used.

Create engaging email templates for candidates with the new Campaign Editor.

Webinar: Future-proof against AI regulations and mitigate risk

Listen in and find out what you need to know about the impending AI regulatory changes in HR, including why they are being introduced, the implications, and what this means for you.

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