A Revolution in Talent Analytics

A Revolution in Talent Analytics

Empower your team with intelligence and insights across the talent lifecycle that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Focus on the KPIs that matter. Empower your teams with detailed, relevant, actionable insights to make better talent decisions.

Stay ahead of the curve

Predict and plan the talent resources you need. Improve your team’s performance by monitoring pipeline health, boost retention by identifying which employees are unhappy, resurface more candidates from your CRM, and improve DE&I outcomes with analytics that show where people are not progressing.

Track your team’s impact
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“Beamery provides us with a single view of talent data across multiple touch points which injects speed into our process and allows us to provide a higher level of personalization, as well as deliver the insights we need to create compelling candidate experiences.”

Chris Fitzner, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Appian

“To this day, talent and HR leaders don’t have predictability and are unable to report on many of the most important questions - will we hit our DE&I Targets? Is AI Leading to Bias? Beamery Talent Analytics provides business leaders with the insights necessary to make effective talent decisions.”

Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President, Beamery

Beamery Analytics

6-day reduction

in time to hire, when you resurface top candidates from your CRM

97% of employees

report greater confidence navigating their careers


lift in female hires, with better DE&I insights

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Leverage pre-configured reports and launch presentation-ready dashboards in seconds.

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Discover opportunities across the talent lifecycle to optimize your team efficiency.

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Slice and dice your data any way you choose to get answers to any key question.

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Improve your team’s performance by monitoring pipeline health, tracking KPIs, and optimizing workflows.

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Discover how data and reporting is changing

For the first time, you can forecast your business effectively, project how many hires you are on pace to make, and plan the resources you need to meet future goals.

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