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Watch: Foster Internal Connections For A Winning Employee Experience

Building organic and informal connections is made easy, with a new and improved profile where anyone can indicate their interests, and request to connect. 

  • Improve time to ramp with new joiners connected with an onboarding buddy.
  • Create a sense of belonging to connect with peers for a coffee. 
  • Make it easier to understand career pathways at pivotal moments.
  • Make transitions a success with mentors to help navigate.

Shine a light on the careers of your leaders to create an open culture and deliver on diversity.

  • Empower leaders and experts to share their experiences and their learnings along the way. 
  • Provide a platform to role models and visibility into careers.
  • Get creative with the type of forum: from intimate lunches and fireside chats, to networking events and ask-me-anything sessions.