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The Universal Skills Platform from Beamery

Building a future-fit workforce starts with understanding the skills and capabilities you have today, and where the gaps are. But information is spread across disconnected systems, is complicated to manage, and becomes outdated quickly. And every system in your HR tech stack gives you a different (and partial) picture of someone’s skills.

The solution? Beamery’s Universal Skills Platform, which automatically brings together skills data from disparate systems and provides a single, “always up-to-date” picture of the capabilities and potential of every employee and candidate.

  • No need for new taxonomies: Connect the Universal Skills Platform to your existing systems and taxonomies, or add new HR tools, without rethinking your entire skills strategy or undertaking duplicative, manual work.
  • Make smart talent decisions: Use fresh, up-to-date data and comprehensive insights when evaluating internal and external talent and planning for the future.
  • Match people to roles: Keep your company’s job architecture up to date and synchronized with both your candidate and employee data, and offer AI-driven suggestions for career exploration.
  • Move faster: Develop and deploy talent and skills at scale, and put employees in control of their career path.

Learn more about the next revolution in managing skills data.