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WATCH: The HR Revolution: How AI is Empowering Humans (Spark Live 2024)

We know AI is changing Human Resources – but what does it actually mean for the people in HR teams, and the talent that is applying for roles? 

Hear from the experts at Spark Live 2024, as they discuss the new talent experiences made possible by AI… and how they are leveraging the new technology in the most cost and resource efficient way.

  • Mike Rizzi, Senior Recruitment Marketing Manager, DraftKings 
  • Katharine Rooney, VP Talent Attraction & Acquisition, Mimecast
  • Thanh Duong, Senior Manager, Talent Sourcing, Autodesk
  • Moderator: Sultan Saidov, President & Co-founder, Beamery

How is AI empowering humans across the entire talent lifecycle? 

Read the summary article for this session, or watch the rest of Spark Live here.