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Spark Live 2024: Harnessing Artificial & Human Intelligence In HR

Read this report to learn how our speakers from Spark Live 2024 saw AI augmenting and enhancing our capabilities as Humans – particularly the humans in HR.

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It was clear from all the conversations at Spark Live 2024 that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the nature of work – and has the potential to help everyone, from interns to CEOs, reach their broader goals. 

This report sets out some of the ways – as noted by our various excellent Spark Live contributors – that AI is enhancing human intelligence, changing the face of Human Resources, and helping people and businesses thrive. 

“Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence together will make it easier for all our people – be they senior executives, managers, employees or candidates – to make better decisions about work, at every step.”  – Abakar Saidov, Co-founder and CEO, Beamery

Read the whitepaper to learn more, and discover all the content on demand from Spark Live 2024...