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How HR Teams Win With Talent Marketplaces

HR teams need a fresh approach to keep their workforce engaged and productive. Download this report to discover how Talent Marketplaces can help, and the key things to consider when setting them up.

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The current challenges facing HR professionals cannot be solved without a new approach. As people re-evaluate their relationship with work, and businesses find themselves constantly reacting to a changing world, there is an opportunity to look within: to find new strategies to re-engage, develop, upskill, reskill and retain your workforce, getting more from the people you hire.

In this report, we look at the talent challenges organizations are facing, and present a potential solution: the implementation of a Talent Marketplace, to facilitate – amongst other things – better internal mobility and a more productive workforce.

Download the report to discover the benefits of such an approach, the barriers to a successful rollout (and ways to overcome them), and the important role of innovative AI-powered technology in bringing a smart, engaging and ultimately winning internal mobility strategy to life.