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New Beamery Integration Transforms SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting Into a Candidate First Ecosystem Recruiters Love

For forward thinking SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting users looking to transform their talent processes towards a candidate-centric, skills based approach, the Beamery integration represents the triple threat of competitive advantage. Brand new in the SAP® Store, Beamery’s integration optimizes SAP from multiple sides delivering better experiences and better outcomes for candidates, recruiters and the organization as a whole.

The first advantage - Data Integrity

At its core optimizing SuccessFactors® and transforming talent processes such as hiring and internal mobility begins with improving data integrity. As with any large system of record, millions of data points flow into SAP from countless sources, then that data gets extracted out by many users across multiple systems. Naturally with all of that push and pull, it’s a struggle to keep data clean, organized and up-to-date. 

Talent professionals, especially recruiters, are no strangers to the trickle down impact of bad data on the candidate experience. Irrelevant, embarrassing conversations. Unqualified short lists that infuriate hiring managers. Poor brand experiences that resurface on Glassdoor. What’s more, the organization suffers too. Bad data results in a lack of agility, poor recruiter performance, missed diversity opportunities and ongoing compliance risks. The list could go on, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to.

Herein lies the first quick win SAP users can expect from the new Beamery integration.

Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management forms a unified data backbone for the modern enterprise. Every contact record in Beamery’s CRM is cleaned, deduplicated, and continually enriched with up-to-date professional information, current and likely skills, and future potential. The bi-directional, real time sync of data across Beamery and SAP means that in no time at all you have a source of data you can trust..

The second advantage - Recruiter Efficiency

The Beamery SAP integration helps recruiters scale their ability to make an impact. Instead of burning time deduplicating records and correcting irrelevant data, recruiters tap into reliable candidate and employee profiles that instantly reveal a person’s current or likely skills. 

This new level of insight makes it easier and faster for recruiters to stay proactive. With Beamery, recruiters can flip the traditional 'go wide and filter' approach on its head. Beamery AI makes it easy for recruiters to identify a previous 'silver medalist', find similar contacts, and quickly expand a more qualified candidate pool using the matches.

From there, recruiters confidently reach out to candidates with highly relevant/competitive opportunities, build higher quality candidate pipelines and reinvest their time in smart, targeted nurture activities that pay off for the organization.

The third advantage - Candidate Experience

The Beamery SAP integration elevates the candidate experience away from “let’s catch up where we left off”, to “I’ve got an exciting opportunity that’s a perfect fit for your growing skill set.”  It’s important to note that when we say candidates, we’re including existing employees whose own skills are growing, making them the most powerful source for internal mobility and workforce agility.

Instead of pushing candidates through an application driven requisition process, Beamery pulls candidates through a personalized experience that signals awareness and respect for their growing skills and potential, while presenting the most relevant opportunities for them to consider.

How does it work? Beamery automatically tracks a candidate’s growing skill set and constantly feeds that data back into the system, helping recruiters keep their interactions hyper-personalized and relevant to a candidates current reality. No more accidental insults through ignorance, no more duplicating emails, no more awkward conversations.

As SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting users look for ways to raise the bar and compete for hard to reach, highly qualified talent, data integrity, recruiter efficiency and candidate experience are three areas where the new Beamery integration offers a powerful opportunity to accelerate competitive advantage.  

Find out more about the Beamery & SAP SuccessFactors integration by downloading our brochureoverview and viewing our integration video.