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How A Leading Financial Institution Cut Agency Spend While Filling More Roles

global bank case study

Global Bank’s Challenges

The firm’s “three keys” to success – principles, pillars and behaviors – are at the center of how its teams work with each other, how they recruit and manage the workforce, and how they make daily business decisions. Finding the right tool to support their talent function proved no easy feat.

The strategic goal of the institution was to build a progressive, proactive resourcing process across all business divisions – however, the software in place originally didn’t allow for this shift. As such, adoption amongst recruiters remained low.

Beamery’s advanced Talent Lifecycle Management platform was soon identified as a suitable solution. Its sophisticated CRM would enable the team to build and maintain cross-functional talent pools and high-quality candidate pipelines.

Following go-live in 2018, adoption of Beamery amongst the firm’s recruiters reached 80% – with considerable growth achieved in the number of high-quality, engaged candidates being added to the database. The platform soon became pivotal to the day-to-day workflow of the team, with candidates proving easier to segment and identify based on specific talent profiles. As such, time to offer has been impacted positively – with the number of candidates nurtured through various sourcing pipelines to “Hired” status increasing by 75% from Q1 to Q2 2019.

case study

Being one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, compliance and security are at the forefront of all of their business processes. When it came to implementing Beamery as a core piece of talent technology – they knew they needed measures in place to capture candidate consent in an efficient, yet reliable way. In collaboration with the recruitment team, Beamery created a highly customized GDPR workflow using the Talent CRM’s “Recipes” feature. Not only does this adhere to the global data policies that are in place for the financial institution, but it is both automated and dependable – allowing complete peace of mind when it comes to database compliance.

bank case study

Through these workflows, the team have been able to identify a great benefit of Beamery. They have seen a decrease in the proportion of candidates obtained from paid sources – highlighting the financial gains that can be made from moving recruitment processes to a more proactive model.

Motivated by the success of their Beamery implementation to date, the team has more recently extended the platform’s use to support their internal mobility programme as well. The sentiment from stakeholders at the business has been incredibly positive – with consistent feedback on the high levels of collaboration across the partnership, gratitude for the commitment to training, and praise on Beamery as a market-leading solution.