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How An Insurance Company Set Up Beamery + Workday For Seamless Recruitment

A leading insurance company chose to partner with Beamery in July of 2020 to supercharge their strategy with a Talent CRM. To get the most from the solution, the client and Beamery worked together to better understand the full range of end users, and come up with tailored training and improvements.

Why Beamery

The client was constantly growing and needed to find a total Talent CRM that could supercharge their talent strategy and seamlessly integrate with their Workday ATS. Eschewing a traditional hiring model, this organization has a multifaceted recruitment process that includes sourcing and hiring for several businesses.

Attempts with their existing CRM began to fail as they realized that integrating these workstreams with Workday, which was an essential component of their future success, wasn’t working as hoped.

Fortunately, Beamery is equipped to support this unique value proposition, and was able to help transform the client’s HR operations with talent management processes and workflows to fit their needs and accomplish their goals. Their primary focus areas included:

  • Proactive Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Transforming Their Workforce
  • Driving Digital Transformation
  • Increasing Recruiter Productivity


Establishing the right alliances and software was only the first step of their business transformation journey. Once the client had the right HR systems (Workday and Beamery) in place, they had to consider the change management that was ahead of their employees and core users of the platform.

A software implementation is only as good as its user adoption, and their users were beginning to experience software burnout and fatigue.

The Approach

Beamery’s integration with Workday allowed the customer to seamlessly flow talent from top-of-the-funnel sourcing all the way through to hire. Beamery does not replace an ATS or LinkedIn sourcing, but rather enhances them: supporting their meaningful part in the hiring process.

But transitioning software tools can be cumbersome and expensive – not to mention taxing on your users. Seeing some challenges with adoption following launch, the client organization decided to lean into an empathy-first change management technique, keeping Beamery at the forefront of the program. Beyond learning about their employee needs, the client team also worked to better understand why these challenges were occurring at all.

The Solution

Starting with the “why”, leaders at this customer organization collected feedback from their colleagues (in HR and beyond) to better understand the challenges they were experiencing. Once they had a strong understanding of the challenges, they turned to Beamery to segment customer user types based on these specific needs.

The client had many different user types, and the Beamery product delivers customized CRM support for their wide range of needs.

They started by identifying six unique customer user segments within the Beamery platform. Within each segment, they then identified one “successful user” and one “struggle user.” Using this framework, the client Talent Team then curated empathy-driven lunch-and-learn sessions designed for each user segment. This allowed their user base to share their feedback directly with leadership while also organically encouraging CRM adoption throughout the process. Doing so allowed for greater involvement in changes and process improvements, helped them identify blind spots they were not previously aware of, and also helped to ensure it wasn’t just the loudest voices being heard as part of the implementation process.

For example, did the Exec Recruitment team know this gave them a centralized repository for candidate data? Did the Campus & Events team know how to integrate Beamery with other events tools they were using? How many of the company’s DE&I strategists knew what reporting they could get from the tool?

The client’s empathy culture – and a focus on getting a diverse set of perspectives – laid the foundation for future training sessions and a feedback flow that continuously encourages product adoption. Their employees felt heard and understood, and had a voice when it came to effective use of HR technology. They are now prepared to support the rapid growth ahead of them.

Success By Numbers

  • 27% increase in Monthly Active Users
  • 59 + New Active Users on system
  • 15 sessions hosted
  • 90% Lunch & Learn attendance