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4 Email Templates for Virtual Recruiting Events

4 email templates for Virtual Recruiting Events

We’ve put together some virtual recruiting events HTML email templates for recruiters looking for inspiration.

Like almost every other talent team right now, you are probably reworking your recruiting strategy and starting to deploy new plans. You might be focusing on engaging candidates and building up your brand equity while navigating a hiring freeze. Or you might be frantically ramping up hiring to face the increased demand on products or services from your company that are particularly needed during the pandemic.

In either case, we thought you or your team might find some virtual recruiting events pointers helpful, so we put together a quick starter guide to organizing recruiting events, in addition to 4 email templates that can be copy pasted right into your HTML builder. You'll find email examples throughout the post, and their corresponding HTML templates in a separate document linked at the end.

Getting started with virtual recruiting events

There are a few places a recruiting team can start to move its recruiting events strategy online, but it helps to get these two questions out of the way first:

  • What were the goals of each event? What would success have looked like?
  • Who was the intended audience and how were you planning to reach them?

From there, you can make a few decisions about the kind of technology platform you need, and the lead time necessary to properly promote the event.

Enlist the help of the marketing team

If this is your first foray into digital advertising and promotion, make sure to reach out to the marketing team for support. They know their digital marketing stuff, and can make some suggestions to get you started. Ideally, they’ll help you answer some of the following questions: How much are you willing to spend on each registration and email address? How much time will you need to get the number of registrants you’re hoping for? What works best in digital campaigns depending on the channel?

On the question of promotion channels specifically, make sure to explore all your options. In many cases, it’s perfectly fine to stick to Linkedin and enlist the help of employees to promote the event organically. However, there are other options that might be a better fit for a more targeted or harder to reach audience. Perhaps put some budget behind ads on industry-specific networks and groups, or partner with a professional publication to place an ad in their newsletter, for instance.

Shop around for virtual event tools

Right now, Zoom is a big favorite for virtual conferencing and can be used for certain types of virtual events. There are myriads of other options available as well, depending on what you need—we use GoToWebinar for some of our webinars for the marketing-specific reporting functionalities. However, you might need something a bit more purpose-built if you want to make the most out of these virtual recruiting events.

Some recruiting platforms offer virtual event functionalities—if you haven’t yet, definitely check out Beamery’s Virtual Recruiting Events. At the very least, it will give you an idea of what to look for in such a tool, from landing page builders to promotion workflows to reporting and team collaboration.

Email Template 1: The Classic Company Briefing

This is popular in campus recruiting strategies. If you target specific populations of candidates that might not know much about your company, but you know are looking for jobs in your industry, then your goal is to “brief” them. You want to broadly and efficiently share the kind of basic information that will help filter out the bad fits, and set up the good fits for success.

Ideally, this is a presentation with a company executive that can talk broadly to the company’s strengths, its mission and values, its plans for the future—someone who will generate excitement about the company and help distinguish it from the competition. Make sure that they are available for a Q&A after the main presentation.

Email template for virtual recruiting event invite

Email template 2: The Virtual Coffee Chat

This one is ideal for late stage candidates who you’ve been cultivating for a while. They might be considering a job offer from you, or you might need to keep them engaged while that open requisition is on pause for a little while.

Like the name says, it’s an event where you get candidates together with a current employee for 1-to-1 or small-group-to-one conversations about working in a particular function, professional growth opportunities, ways of working, and other questions that a candidate might want to ask when they’re seriously considering a role or a company.

If you want to take it one step further, you can send the candidates a small hot beverage-related gift as a fun surprise pre-event. Think a small bag of coffee or a coffee dripper for the coffee lovers, or a tea mug and a tea leaf sample for those who have a preference for tea. The engagement sequence can then be stretched to 3 touch points: reaching out with a form to ask about their preferences, sending the gift in direct mail with a personal note, and then getting on the virtual coffee chat with the candidate.

Screenshot 2020-04-21 15.58.22

Email template 3: The Office Hours

The beauty of open office hours is that they do not require as much planning as other types of virtual events, and they are extremely versatile. The idea is to block out a time on a recruiter’s calendar, where they start a virtual conference, introduce themselves, and stay on the line to be available to answer any random questions that candidates might have about the company.

They might get no questions at all, especially at the start, but that is totally fine—they can keep working as usual, but stay available throughout. It’s not a bad idea to solicit questions in advance of the office hours in order to quickstart the session with some material, and encourage the viewers to not be shy with their own questions.

Screenshot 2020-04-21 16.20.35

Email template 4: The Industry Webinar

An industry-focused webinar that helps candidates progress in their career or acquire new skills is an excellent way to build your brand equity while on lockdown. If you have to cancel hiring plans and do not want to progress your current pipeline further down the funnel, you can focus on keeping your company top of mind instead.

For each of your usual target candidate populations, decide on a helpful professional learning topic and find an expert in your company who is willing to give away some valuable tips. This can be technical knowledge, places to go for more information, helpful tools for their field of work, or career progression advice that has helped them get where they are.

Screenshot 2020-04-21 16.40.01

Virtual recruiting events: HTML email templates

You can find all the HTML templates of the emails above in this document. Feel free to copy and tweak as needed!

There are so many other ways to leverage virtual events platforms in recruiting. We talked about some of the more conventional ones, such as presentations or coffee chats, but you might have great opportunities to step off the beaten path depending on your industry and the products or services your company sells, such as livestreams of front-line workers if you are in an essential industry, or pandemic management-related Q&As if you are in the public sector or the health sector.

This is a time to act fast. In a few months, hopefully, our working lives will be mostly back to normal, so any changes to your virtual recruiting events strategy must happen now and be deployed quickly. If all goes as planned, not only will you be able to help candidates during this global crisis, you will also add virtual recruiting events to your talent acquisition arsenal for the long run.

Explore our Events module to learn more about how Beamery helps talent teams organize virtual recruiting events.