Are you making the most out of your events?

Leverage a single platform and process to optimize all your recruiting events - online and in-person.

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Easy to launch, globally consistent

Quickly launch events for military, campus, diversity and other key audiences with global consistency. There are no manual processes and your team can stop juggling multiple tools and workflows.

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Built for the global enterprise

Master every logistical detail - from centralized budgeting to content and landing page creation, and controlled asset libraries.

Simplify logistics and remove admin by managing all your events and logistics in one place, alongside the rest of your recruiting activity.

Deliver beautifully on brand events—from landing pages to email templates—without needing IT support.

Easily launch and promote events for key segments of your talent audience, and support your diversity hiring targets.

Automatically invite the candidates that are most interested, and increase the number of interviews after the event with automated scheduling.

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Engage early career talent

Control the chaos of careers fairs, promote events on campus, create a seamless on the day experience for students with digitized check-in and lead capture, and start building your pipeline before the competition.

Understand the impact of your events

Measure event ROI, and make better decisions on where to invest your budget with thorough reporting. You can track the complete history of every attendee, seeing every step of the talent lifecycle, from that first campus event through to the new joiner welcome.

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