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The Latest Product News: March 2024

Want to see what’s new in Beamery and what you can get excited about? Here’s what you need to know about the latest product updates, and what’s coming soon… 

Here’s a quick summary:

  • New: Discover more enhancements to Smart Profile, our new skills-based candidate profile experience.
  • Soon: The old Vacancies List experience will be inactive from 8 April.
  • Read all about our Winter Launch, and how you can now make better, faster hiring decisions – all based on skills.
  • In case you missed it: Be the first to try our new generative AI solution designed for HR (TalentGPT).

Talent Acquisition: Sourcing, Recruiting, & Hiring Manager Collaboration 🔎

New: Explore the latest Smart Profile enhancements

Check out all the latest improvements to our new Smart Profile experience, which helps your sourcers and recruiters discover a new skills-based hiring workflow. Quickly assess talent (with skills-powered Profiles), evaluate candidates’ skills and potential quickly without opening a resume, and improve collaboration with Hiring Managers.

Coming soon: Easily add Tasks to Profiles 

Add Tasks directly to people’s profiles, and improve collaboration and communication between team members. 

📍 Coming to Sandbox on March 7, and Production on March 20.

Coming soon: Add richer Notes to Profiles 

Leverage the Rich Text Editor when adding notes or sending a direct message from the profile, and find text formatting options like bold, italics, lists, hyperlinking, and more.

📍 Coming to Sandbox on March 20, and Production on 3 April. 

Coming soon: Easily download PDF from the Smart Profile

Get all the essential candidate details in a user-friendly PDF, with the option to include a vacancy ID if required. (Further customization options are coming soon.)

There’s more! Sourcers and recruiters can further reduce bias while reviewing profiles, thanks to a new option to download a “masked PDF”, with curated data. 

Users can easily download a PDF where the candidate name is masked, the educational institution names are removed, and the start and end dates for experiences and education are replaced with total durations (e.g. 3 years 2 months). 

Why is this important?

Sourcers can still get an idea of how much experience a person has, while reducing the impact of unconscious bias in the following scenarios:

  • Candidates who have had career breaks to look after children or dependent adults (e.g. mothers taking maternity leave)
  • Candidates whose graduation dates might reveal information about their age that may put them at a disadvantage.

📍 Coming to Sandbox on March 7.

✨ Read more about it here.

candidate pdf

In case you missed it: Get a deeper understanding of every candidate 

Better understand candidates’ potential with Beamery’s AI Talent Match score breakdown, while using the Smart Profile. 

See what Campaigns a candidate has been enrolled in, and easily add or remove candidates from Campaigns, without switching views. 

Add candidate names in their native language format, quickly create profile Tags, or edit the candidate’s location.

✨ See it in action.

Please note: The upgraded Vacancies List experience is now live 

The enhanced Vacancies List experience helps TA teams meet hiring deadlines every time, by ensuring the correct number of candidates exists across every stage of every vacancy. 

You can easily view Contacts at each vacancy stage, and receive AI-powered suggestions on what next steps you could take to fill the role.

📍 The new experience is available to all customers, and the old experience will no longer be available from April 8.

✨ Read more about it here.

In case you missed it: New TalentGPT experiences 🚀

Our generative AI-powered solution, TalentGPT, simplifies processes, personalizes talent journeys, and boosts your teams’ productivity – while helping you adopt a truly skills-based approach to recruitment.

Easily search for Recipes 

Use automation in your Beamery CRM? Use TalentGPT to find them easily, and stay productive and compliant, all while delivering a winning candidate experience. 

📍 Our new Recipes search is available to customers who sign the TalentGPT conditions. 

✨ Read more.

Supercharge recruiter productivity

Drive greater adoption in Beamery, and improve recruiter efficiency, with in-app conversational assistance. This new Homepage bot assistant provides simple, human-like interactions in the app, giving Talent Acquisition teams the answers to all their questions. 

📍 Homepage bot-assistant comes to Sandbox on Feb 21 (part of Beamery Labs, phased roll-out to production) for customers who have signed the TalentGPT addendum.

✨ Watch a demo.

Enjoy greater efficiency, with generative AI

Explore the new experiences made possible with TalentGPT. To get started, simply review and agree to the TalentGPT terms.

✨ Haven’t explored TalentGPT yet? Learn more about here.

In case you missed it: Our recent Winter Launch

Empower TA with a new skills-based hiring workflow. Explore the recent innovations from Beamery, to help you transform recruitment and make better, faster hiring decisions – all based on skills. What’s more, these updates allow TA and Hiring Managers to work more closely together, getting quickly aligned around the perfect job spec, the most relevant shortlist, and the ideal candidate. 

❄️ Read more about our Winter Launch.

Talent Acquisition: Candidate Attraction & Nurture 🧲

New: Automatically avoid spam filtering in Campaigns

In February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo implemented stricter rules for categorizing emails as spam and filtering them out of recipient mailboxes. A significant change is the requirement for volume emails (such as Campaigns) to include an automated “unsubscribe” feature and to promptly handle any unsubscribe requests.

Beamery now enables unsubscribes directly within the system, respecting candidates’ preferences. The solution leverages “list-unsubscribe” headers, which align with Google and Yahoo’s guidelines for one-click unsubscribing.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • No Setup Required: When Campaign emails are sent, they automatically include the list-unsubscribe headers. These headers contain data specifying an unsubscribe email address.
  • A Simple Candidate Experience: Candidates receiving Campaign emails can simply click the “unsubscribe” button or link within their email client. An email requesting unsubscribing is automatically sent and processed by Beamery.
  • Compliance, With Ease The candidate’s Beamery profile reflects the unsubscribe status, ensuring they won’t receive further Campaigns.

This streamlined approach respects candidates’ choices while simplifying the process for hiring teams.

📍 Available now. Part of Beamery Labs.

New: Improving real-time Events experience for company representatives

We are creating a new Events experience in the CRM that enables company representatives to log into Beamery, find attendee profiles, and input notes whilst they’re at an event – increasing ROI from every event experience. 

📍 Available now. Part of Beamery Labs.

events experience

In case you missed it: Fine-tune your Convert filters

The main Convert dashboard now has new filtering options, which allow for a more organized and tailored view of your Flows. Easily distinguish between Events and standard Convert flows, and search by Convert URL link, to find what you need simply and quickly. 

We’re improving the experience for candidates when they fill out Convert Flow forms, by adding search functionality to help them efficiently look through long drop-down lists.

📍 Available now.

convert flow

In case you missed it: Supercharge your candidate tracking, with URL parameter mapping 

Seamlessly integrate additional candidate and analytics data directly into your CRM profiles, to improve your candidate tracking and refine your recruitment metrics. 

URL parameter mapping is a straightforward solution to knowing more about your candidates without asking them for more information. Here's how:

  • Seamlessly Map Data: Directly integrate additional metadata from URL parameters into form submissions, enriching candidate profiles in your CRM without any extra input from the candidate.
  • Get Enhanced Tracking: Ascertain the origin of form submissions by capturing referral sources, campaign IDs and recruiter information, offering you a clear view of your most effective recruiting channels.
  • Integrate Referral Data: Effortlessly add referral information to form submissions, allowing for accurate tracking of how candidates find their way to your forms.

📍 Available now.

URL parameters

Workforce Intelligence 💡

In case you missed it: Add & remove skills in your Dynamic Job Architecture

Job Architecture users can now manage their skills data with greater ease. Add one or multiple skills to a role, remove any duplicates or amend them to reflect their evolution. 

Skills are carefully extracted from a variety of sources (e.g. job descriptions, profiles) – allowing you to move beyond a focus on job titles alone to a focus on skills, and give a clearer picture of the current level of internal demand.

Updated skills get ingested by our proprietary Beamery Knowledge Graph to contextualize the relationship between role titles and skills, and enhance skills inferences within Dynamic Job Architecture over time.

skills selection

Want to learn more? 

Read our latest release notes