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The Latest Product News: April 2024

Want to see what’s new in Beamery and what you can get excited about? Here’s what you need to know about the latest product updates, and what’s coming soon… 

Here’s a quick summary…

  • New: Beamery unveils its Roadmap, plus expansive enhancements to Smart Profile, Convert Flows and AI Talent Match.
  • Soon: The old Vacancies List experience will be replaced by an improved experience from April 8. 
  • In case you missed it: Be the first to try our new generative AI solution designed for HR (TalentGPT).

Don’t Miss This… Beamery Roadmap Webinar 👀

Join us for an exciting webinar, where skills take center stage. Our Product team will share how you can maximize your investment in Beamery and unlock organizational agility through better & fairer talent decisions, as we dive into our vision for the future.

April 4 | 7am PST / 10am ET / 3 pm BST

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Talent Acquisition: Sourcing, Recruiting, & Hiring Manager Collaboration 🔎

Say hello to the new Vacancies List experience 

The enhanced Vacancies List experience helps TA teams meet hiring deadlines every time, by ensuring the correct number of candidates exists across every stage of every vacancy. 

You can easily view Contacts at each vacancy stage, and receive AI-powered suggestions on what next steps you could take to fill the role.

📍 The new experience is available to all customers, and the old experience will no longer be available from April 8.

Read more about it here.

In case you missed it: New TalentGPT experiences 🚀

Our generative AI-powered solution, TalentGPT, simplifies processes, personalizes talent journeys, and boosts your teams’ productivity – while helping you adopt a truly skills-based approach to recruitment. 

Start using it right from the home screen, with the Homepage Assistant.

Easily search for Recipes 

Wish you could get more out of the automations in your Beamery CRM? Use TalentGPT to find them easily, and stay productive and compliant, all while delivering a winning candidate experience. 

📍 Our new Recipes search is available to customers who sign the TalentGPT conditions. 

Read more.

Homepage Assistant and Recipe Search will be live in Beamery on April 17 for customers who have signed the TalentGPT addendum.

Watch a demo.

Discover an all-round better Vacancy Calibration experience

Live now: Wider collaboration in the hiring process

Create an even more inclusive hiring process, by adding any Beamery user as a “collaborator” on a vacancy. 

Beamery will send them an email, prompting them to review and contribute to the calibration process – making sure you can identify the ideal candidate, every time.

📍 Available now.

collaborate on vacancy calibration

Coming soon: Calibrate the ideal candidate profile, with contextual insights

Ensure every Hiring Manager has realistic expectations about the various areas impacting a hire (e.g. skills, location, cost and time-to-hire) by showing them powerful insights from Beamery while calibrating a vacancy. Easily identify silver medalists, great fit contacts, and recently engaged candidates.

📍 Coming in Q2 to all customers with AI Talent Match. Part of Beamery Labs.

Also: Provide recruiters with actionable market insights they can share before kicking off or calibrating a vacancy. Explore emerging skills, location insights, and salary benchmarks ​​to ensure the job search is fair, transparent, and benchmarked against the latest market and industry trends. 

📍Labor Market Insights within Vacancy Calibration will be available to customers who purchase Labor Market Insights. Ready in Q3.

Watch this video to learn more or read more here.

Live now: Homepage Recommended Actions

We’re making it easier than ever for TA teams to keep track of their most important tasks, directly on the homepage.

homepage assist

The Beamery Assistant will notify you that a new vacancy has gone live, remind you of emails you’ve sent that haven’t had a reply, and prompt you about ones you still need to reply to. 

homepage zoomed in

✨ Read more.

📍 Available now.

Live now: Major enhancements to Smart Profile

Seamlessly create Tasks directly within the Smart Profile, and wave goodbye to the limitations of the old legacy profile. 

Also, craft messages that stand out in your recipient’s inbox, directly in the Smart Profile. Use the rich-text editor to add bold, italic, and underlined text, bullet points, links, and more.

send rich text email directly from smart profile

Candidate profiles can now be exported as PDFs and ‘masked’ to exclude sensitive data, keeping you compliant. 

📍 Available now.

In case you missed it: A simple and standardized way to review candidates and get feedback from Hiring Managers.

Hiring Managers now get all the information they need in an easily digestible workflow. They can review all candidates on one page, and quickly provide feedback or ask for more information. 

TA teams get faster and more meaningful feedback, moving away from spreadsheet updates and endless email threads, with seamless collaboration in Beamery. 

📍 Candidate review is part of Hiring Manager Hub.

Watch this video to learn more.

Talent Acquisition: Candidate Attraction & Nurture 🧲

Live Now: Convert Compliance Enhancement

Simplify your workflow while ensuring that all forms comply with legal standards. Now, seamlessly integrate mandatory legal statements into every Convert form, enhancing trust and compliance without extra effort.

Simply go to the Convert Settings page and select the option to enable the “mandatory compliance block”. 

Once activated, every new Convert form created will include this compliance block by default, along with any standard fields like email address and name.

📍 Available now.

Live Now: Connect to Pools in Convert

Ensure that every candidate’s journey through the Convert Flow is captured, tracked, and analyzed with precision.

During Convert Flow creation, you’ll have the option to “link to an existing Pool” or create a new one, ensuring every contact goes somewhere, automatically – and that candidates are always accounted for.

📍 Available now.

Coming Soon: Upgrade your candidate experience with enhanced Beamery Convert

We’re enhancing the Beamery Convert experience, so you can empower your candidates with a more personal and secure way to update their information. Let them change their details directly through Convert Flows, providing a seamless update process that is instantly reflected in their CRM profiles. 

To enjoy the new Convert Flow you will need to have activated your custom web domain. Custom web domains are a great way to maintain brand consistency across your candidate-facing experience and increase brand recognition and trust. 

To set up your custom web domain and maximize the benefits of this feature, follow our support article here

📍 Available: April 17.

Coming Soon: Streamlined Event check-in

We’re simplifying the event check-in process by adding authenticated QR codes to registration confirmation emails. 

Attendees can now also add the event to their calendar or ‘view the event page’ (if relevant) to gain easy access to the event’s details.

📍 Sandbox: May 6. Available: May 20.

Workforce Intelligence 💡

Coming Soon: AI Recommendations Enhancement

Get even more precise skills recommendations in Suggested Contacts, with Declared Skills. Differentiate between which skills have been inferred and which have been declared by candidates, so sourcers & recruiters can accurately validate candidate skill matches against those attached to a vacancy, and prioritize the best-fit candidates.

Reduce time-to-fill and optimize workforce utilization by finding the right skills, at the right time – and increase the likelihood of retaining talent by deploying them in the way that best aligns with their skills.

📍Available: April 17.

One more thing…

Speak to your CSM about creating and syncing your bespoke Job Architecture within Beamery, to ensure everyone speaks the same language regarding skills.

📍Available now.

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