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The Latest Product News, August 2023

Want to see what’s new in Beamery and what you can get excited about? Here’s what you need to know about the latest product updates and what’s coming soon…

Here’s a quick summary…

  • Coming soon: Prioritize essential vacancies easily.
  • Available now: Reduce duplicate contacts in your Beamery CRM Beamery’s
  • Big Summer Announcement: Join our webinar.
  • Get involved: Register your interest in Beamery Labs programs

Coming very soon: get ready! 🚀

Prioritize essential Vacancies easily

Our new Vacancies list helps you understand your pipeline’s health, and get better visibility regarding what vacancies need to be prioritized.

In addition, it ensures everyone is speaking the same skills language, and is designing jobs using skills. This is highly relevant and useful in creating better collaboration between TA teams and Hiring Managers, ensuring they work together towards finding better talent faster.

With this improved visibility, TA teams and Hiring Managers can easily see what vacancies are at risk, and which ones are not meeting hiring targets, so our customers can always be ahead of the hiring requests or inquiries.

Coming soon to Sandbox (we will provide an easy way to switch back to the old experience).

Become more efficient than ever with Beamery’s new homepage

Introducing a more accessible homepage experience, helping TA teams and Hiring Managers to better understand the vacancies they have open, their status, and what needs to happen next. Use real-time updates and notifications to aid collaboration on key vacancies.

Already available on Sandbox (and again, you can easily switch back to the old experience).

Learn more or watch it in action.

Create a more branded experience with Custom Web Domain

Empower Talent Marketing to customize URLs and create a seamless employer brand experience that prevents candidate drop-offs. Prevent surprises when candidates land on pages powered by Beamery, such as your Careers Site or Events pages. Offer clear and confident navigation for candidates to connect with you while adhering to employer branding guidelines.

Available soon to all customers who aren’t using it yet.

Available now: in case you missed it 🎉

Easily search and compare contacts with common ID in Beamery and Workday

We are working to make your lives much easier by having a consistent way to search for candidate data with our new filter and contact grid column for all Workday customers in Beamery. With this feature, you can easily search and compare contact data with common ID in Beamery and Workday.

Available to all Workday customers.

Import contacts from LinkedIn, en masse, with one click

Our new Autopilot helps users to stop losing valuable time by updating contacts individually. Our recent enhancements provide an even more intuitive experience, by enabling you to automatically download PDFs from Autopilot and quickly review candidate profiles from the summary screen.

Learn how the new Autopilot works.

Reduce duplicate contacts in your Beamery CRM with our unique merging logic enhancement for your Workday ATS to Beamery CRM integration

We have built a unique Beamery merging logic for your Workday ATS integration. Once enabled, Beamery will automatically identify and merge our contact profiles when any Workday profiles are merged, using their ATS ID. This reduces the number of duplicate contacts in your Beamery CRM automatically.

We reduced duplicate contact profiles in Beamery by up to 28% for Accenture.

Stop wasting valuable time merging contacts across two systems. Ensure you’re working with the latest talent data no matter which system you are in: improve the candidate experience in communications and marketing campaigns, and empower recruiters to find the perfect person in the Beamery CRM, and faster.

Discover how.

Find better talent much faster, with Suggested Contacts

Want to instantly see who would be suitable for an open role, even as you tweak it? Beamery’s AI can help. Find better talent much faster, with instant suggested contacts! When you calibrate a vacancy, Beamery AI will share Suggested Contacts instantly (instead of taking 24 hours).

Webinar: get ready for our biggest summer announcement

Come see the cool new Beamery innovations we’ve been working on this Summer – including features available for you to try now! Learn everything you need to know about what’s new in our latest seasonal product announcement.

Register now.

Get involved: register your interest in our Beamery Labs program

Beamery Labs is our partnership program: collaborate with us at an early stage and conceptually align on solutions. Participants in this program get to test out our newest and most exciting features, before anyone else. Register your interest today.

  • SMART PROFILE: Help Recruiters, Sourcers, and Hiring Managers save time and understand candidates’ skills and potential faster, with an at-a-glance view of the most relevant information from each candidate’s profile. Learn more or register your interest in joining Beamery Labs.
  • SHORTLIST REVIEW: Improve collaboration between TA teams and Hiring Managers, by sharing contextual summaries and feedback of candidates between teams, to reduce back and forth and reduce time to hire. Learn more.
  • MORE WAYS TO COLLABORATE WITH HIRING MANAGERS: Explore new capabilities that help Talent Acquisition teams collaborate more strategically with Hiring Managers. Learn more.
  • CANDIDATE PORTALS: Provide a personalized experience for every candidate, at scale. Learn more.
  • REFERRALS: Realize the potential of employee referrals with simple, scalable and integrated processes. Learn more.
  • GENERATIVE AI: Offer personalized and human-like experiences with the world’s first generative AI for HR technology. Learn more.

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Andrew has worked for non-profits, universities, and world-class tech companies such as Apple, Box, and Splunk. He is currently VP Product Marketing at Beamery, where he drives the GTM strategy for the Talent Lifecycle Management platform.

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