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Overview: How New Dynamic Job Architecture Powers Skills-Based Transformation

Explore the latest innovations from Beamery for our Summer 2023 product announcement... including the exciting new Job Architecture, and how it can help you put skills at the heart of your business.

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Exclusively for our customers only... Discover everything in our Summer Product Announcement:

  • Everything about Job Architecture, and why it matters to your business
  • Our new integration with Workday Skills Cloud
  • Exciting enhancements to supercharge Talent Acquisition and Talent Management outcomes
  • The latest Beamery Labs programs that you can get involved with
  • And much more...

About the Author

Andrew has worked for non-profits, universities, and world-class tech companies such as Apple, Box, and Splunk. He is currently VP Product Marketing at Beamery, where he drives the GTM strategy for the Talent Lifecycle Management platform.

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