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Demo: The New Autopilot

The Beamery Extension improves the lives of Sourcers and Recruiters by:

  • Reducing time to hire

  • Helping them engage directly from the extension

  • Filling candidate pipelines faster

  • Matching skills to roles, utilizing Beamery’s AI Talent Match insights 

  • Providing confidence that every InMail will be logged, every time, to improve collaboration within TA teams.

Now, the Extension is getting even better with the new Autopilot. How? 

  • It helps you to import contacts from LinkedIn en masse with one click, so you can stop updating each contact individually and losing valuable time, better spent on other Sourcing activities.

  • It keeps candidates’ data up to date by reviewing skipped Contacts and updating existing Contacts – ensuring that every candidate you’re looking at has the most helpful information for your Sourcing needs.