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Beamery Life: Parents and Pa(w)rents Edition

We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly company, so it’s crucial that our benefits reflect this. � Unlimited Holidays (26 days minimum) + Bank/Federal Holidays � First Friday of every month off ⛷ Company closure between Christmas and the New Year 2️⃣ After 2 years, take a 1-month sabbatical (with full pay) 4️⃣ After 4 years, take a 2-month sabbatical (with full pay) � Beamery Explore: Work from another country for up to 25 days each year �6 months full pay for primary caregivers (parental, surrogacy & adoption) �6 weeks full pay for secondary caregivers (parental, surrogacy & adoption) ⏰Time off for prenatal appointments �Private health insurance for you and your family ⏰Time off for prenatal appointments � Pet-friendly offices