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Customer Spotlight: Brandon Jones, Arch Capital

This month, Brandon Jones, Sourcing Specialist at Arch Capital, is the focus of our Customer Spotlight, in recognition of how he has been using the platform to unlock human potential at his organization. Arch Capital has been using Beamery for six months. 

Brandon Jones

Beamery: What is your favorite Beamery feature, and why? 

Brandon: One of my favorite Beamery features is Reporting, and using it to tell a story. Because it’s easy to use and customizable, we can quickly take stock of our individual and team productivity, easily compare it to internal and industry benchmarks, and identify where we have opportunity.

For example, I can look at the last month of prescreens compared to this month, or the amount of offers over the same time frame. The ability to customize the views and dashboards tailors the data to meet our specific needs, making it easier to analyze and spot trends.

Describe the problems Arch TA is now able to solve with Beamery.

Before adopting Beamery, we relied solely on an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), where we encountered several challenges... including fragmented talent processes, a lack of comprehensive reporting, and difficulties in candidate marketing. However, Arch’s growing needs and aspirations for scalability, efficiency, and an enhanced focus on quality and diversity throughout our recruitment lifecycle, led us to seek a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Recognizing the gaps in our prior model, we understood the necessity of a revamped tech stack and workflow. This led us to a new ATS and to implementing Beamery’s CRM into our operations, bringing pivotal capabilities to our Talent Acquisition team.

With Beamery in place, our talent team is positioned to support Arch’s future growth as well as the opportunity to scale.

Since implementing Beamery, we’ve seen significant early wins, including an improved candidate experience, a reduction in time-to-fill, enhanced sourcing efficiency, and increased transparency into team performance and successes.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself… 

I used to be a cheerleader!

About the Beamery Customer Spotlight

This program exists to highlight Beamery customers who have mastered the art of “unlocking human potential” through consistent (and smart) use and adoption of the Beamery platform. They use Beamery to take their company to the next level while elevating the talent experience for all candidates. Beyond being a fabulous talent-driven individual, these individuals also represent one or many of the Beamery values: start with why, own the change you seek, act with kindness, communicate openly, make a positive impact.