Collaborate more strategically with Hiring Managers

Collaborate more strategically with Hiring Managers

Work together and in one place, to define job descriptions, review candidate profiles, and align the skills you need. Focus efforts on the highest quality candidates, faster.

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Beamery’s new Hiring Manager Experiences bridge the gap between Talent Acquisition and the organization. Create collaborative workflows and share valuable insights, to align on role requirements, improve shortlisting decisions and reduce time-to-hire.

Make better and faster hiring decisions

Give Hiring Managers and recruiters a snapshot of each vacancy status, expected time-to-fill, and the roles that need to be prioritized. Save valuable time with an at-a-glance summary of candidates’ profiles. Plus: give managers valuable insights around the aspirations of their direct reports for even smarter hiring.

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Create alignment through a common language of skills

Partner with Hiring Managers to design jobs around the most needed skills. Align around the ideal candidate profile, quickly. Spot skills gaps and development opportunities, and consider internal talent in every search. Boost retention and save on recruitment costs, by redeploying employees that already have the skills you need.

Find high quality talent, faster, with AI

Free up recruiters’ time to become strategic talent advisors. Easily identify the best candidates from your CRM, using Beamery’s explainable AI. Give Hiring Managers more control, and work together to review suggestions in real time. Improve the quality of hire and reduce time-to-fill, to keep teams well resourced.

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Organizations with solid collaboration between Hiring Managers and recruiters are four times more likely to exceed their talent acquisition goals than those with low collaboration.
Josh BersinGlobal Industry Analyst and CEO, The Josh Bersin Company
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Activate continuous Workforce Planning

Enhance the people planning process, with a greater understanding of what you’re looking for and insights around the availability of skills in the labor market. Continually refine roles, and better decide whether to develop, redeploy or hire to plug gaps.

Foster strategic collaboration with Hiring Managers

Attract quality talent

Help Talent Acquisition find the perfect match for each role, faster, thanks to better workflows and tools for collaboration with Hiring Managers.

Focus on the right skills

Make better hiring decisions, together, thanks to improved, shared access to actionable skills insights.

Plan for the future

Capture new insights that help the wider organization make better development and hiring decisions, and agile workforce plans.

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