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Beamery Launches Talent Analytics, An Industry-First Reporting Suite

London, UK – May 31st, 2022 – Beamery, the leader in talent lifecycle management, today announces the launch of its new reporting suite ‘Beamery Talent Analytics’. Created so businesses can answer the talent questions that matter most, this step-change in data analytics enables business leaders to better understand how to retain and grow talent, predict future workforce needs, close skill gaps, and achieve diversity targets.

Unlocking this new level of talent intelligence provides a powerful competitive edge for business leaders who can, for the first time, get a complete view of the existing skills and experiences of a candidate or an employee, allowing them to identify talent and hire faster, and engage with, grow and retain the existing team. From a strategic planning perspective, enhanced analytics will also help CHROs predict talent trends and more effectively map out future resourcing requirements.

Chris Fitzner, Recruitment Marketing Manager at Appian, echoes the business value of ensuring that HR teams can make timely and confident data-led decisions in order to drive ROI across the entire talent lifecycle: “Beamery provides us with a single view of talent data across multiple touch points, which injects speed into our process and allows us to provide a higher level of personalization, as well as deliver the insights we need to create compelling candidate experiences.”

In the midst of The Great Resignation, and at a time when less than half of business leaders are very confident in their ability to retain or attract talent to ensure they can fulfil their growth potential, the Beamery Talent Analytics Suite has added capabilities to track employee sentiment, with a focus on identifying potential flight risks within the business, and proposing interventions. Furthermore, HR leaders can be increasingly effective in re-engaging with talent and reducing attrition, as enhanced reporting capabilities now include the ability to monitor progress against critical KPIs, assess business demand across the talent marketplace, review policies, and continually evaluate the workflows that impact key metrics to ensure maximum efficiency.

Additional enhancements to this suite include new reporting capabilities that have helped customers shorten time-to-interview and time-to-offer by an average of 6 days, whilst HR teams can also now create detailed skills gap analyses of the business from a single source of truth on internal talent, and then optimize internal mobility programmes to keep top talent motivated and engaged.

“This is a significant milestone for talent analytics in the HR industry. Reporting is only as good as your data and, for the first time, we are able to truly aggregate existing, fragmented data sets and capture previously invisible data points, such as what tactics are improving DE&I or leading to bias, and what drives candidate quality. These insights provide an actionable framework for companies to both make better decisions and focus on driving the lead metrics necessary to hit their goals,” said Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President at Beamery.

“Until now, talent and HR leaders have had to rely on transactional data and reporting, such as number of hires, and not predictive data, such as quality of hires and hiring to plan. The world of talent has also been unable to report on many of the most important questions: Is AI leading to bias? Which roles are most at risk? Which strategies lead to the highest quality of hires? Beamery’s Talent Analytics, powered by a first of its kind data engine, now provides business leaders with the insights necessary to start answering these questions and, in doing so, to make more effective talent decisions that will shape the future of the business.”

Learn more about Beamery Talent Analytics, and watch our on-demand webinar covering how Talent Analytics brings HR closer to the business.